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The Positive Consequences of Crowdsourcing on Interior Design

July 4, 2013
Nowadays, everyone pays a lot of attention to the aesthetic value of a room. To achieve this, the interior design concepts used have to be top notch and be a product of expert input. Clients are nowadays keen on rooms that incorporate exclusive interior design themes. Whether you are thinking of how to redecorate a room or doing apartment renovation, make sure you find the best ideas from experts.How to Find a Good Interior Designer
The internet has empowered people on how to identify a good interior designer. Quite a number of people use traditional approaches of finding an expert to work on their designs. However, crowdsourcing sites have recently emerged as one of the best methods available to clients. The emergence of these sites has presented a huge advantage because the concept brings together a crowd of designers well versed in diverse fields of interior design. If you want to get designs that will accentuate your decoration, posting your project to sites that bring together creative designers is a good step to take.What are the Benefits of Crowdsourcing for Interior Design?

Many people who opt for this approach find it more efficient because sites put in a lot of effort to ensure that all designers find a favorable environment where they can showcase their work. If you’re looking for an interior designer, you are required to send in a design brief that specifies what you want. Designers are required to strictly follow your instructions.

Opting for crowdsourcing sites to look for interior designers is helpful particularly if you’re working on a tight budget. This is because pooling together designers with different levels of experience, forces expensive designers to develop affordable packages in order to compete effectively with the rest. Professionals who join these sites understand that they cannot command high fees because competition for projects is quite stiff.

Traditional interior designers at times take a lot of time before they can embark on a project. Crowdsourcing sites emphasize the need to save time by asking clients to initially provide as much information as possible. This reduces the time spent on clarification of information between you and your designer. You need to specify your expectations and deliverables early enough so that experts know exactly what you want.

The biggest advantage that has been associated with bringing together professionals on crowdsourcing sites is the fact that they encourage and boost innovation. Remember that every designer is here to showcase their skills and will therefore do anything to stand out from the rest.

Democratization is a key benefit of crowdsourcing as designers have a chance to sign up with a platform that acts as a level playing field to compete for customers. On the other hand, clients get a chance to collaborate with experts to ensure that their visions are actualized.

Today, the common world of interior designers requires clients to personally scout a single adviser; meaning trial and error are huge components within this business.

CoContest is a pioneer company replacing trail and error with instant satisfaction and multiple perspectives. Cocontest exchanges ideas from public tenders, and then applies their input fitting the private needs of every client. Within the world of interior design, Cocontest epitomizes the profit of crowdsourcing.

Cocontest accesses multiple highly qualified designers who create floor plans and blue prints from the comfort of their home with specific instructions from the company. All responsibility and planning is removed from the client and placed within Cocontest’s hands, they directly send multiple project designs to customers. Compared to the traditional world of interior design, a Cocontest client barely lifts a finger — a customer only needs to indicate which floor plan he/she see’s suited.

Federico Schiano di Pepe

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