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Virtual Home Staging Takes House Selling to the Next Level

December 3, 2013
after renovation

If you’re looking to sell your place and want your property to stand out from the crowd, home staging is what you need!

Home staging is the act of making a home look visually appealing to buyers: beautifully staged houses do, in fact, appear warmer and more inviting, and customers perceive a much stronger value to that property, which often translates into a higher selling price (almost $2000 price increase according to surveys).


There are two different types of classic staging, depending on whether a home is occupied or vacant. Staging an occupied home means reducing the clutter and depersonalizing the place, usually by reducing the number of books on bookshelves, painting rooms in neutral colors and removing artwork that may evoke strong emotions or moving furniture around. A vacant home generally needs more work, in order to pull buyers’ focus out of the house’s defects, such as the cracks in the walls, the dirty piece of carpet and so on. To remedy that, a few pieces of rented furniture can give potential buyers more to focus on than the house’s flaws. A few plants and freshly painted walls can also help buyers envision themselves living in the property, which can lead to a sale.

Homeowners can do the staging work themselves or they can pay the stager to make the changes, and since every staging job is different, costs vary. For a consultation with a professional stager who will inspect your home and provide a list of suggestions, expect to pay about $350; furthermore, if furniture or other supplies need to be rented, the homeowner will also pay the rental fees. Note that staging a vacant home will likely be more expensive than staging an occupied home since you’re starting from scratch.

So far we’ve been talking about “classic” home staging, the question is: How’s the internet changing this market? The answer is called “virtual staging” and is, indeed, pretty fascinating.

Virtual Staging is a service that helps not only agents, but also sellers, to market their vacant homes for sale via the internet at a lower price than traditional home staging. It consists in working with actual photos of a vacant home, and “virtually” staging them by adding attractive and appropriate real furnishings into the photos, so the online pictures of the home are more understandable and help create a connection with the potential buyers. Virtual Staging offers customers a less expensive, yet highly effective alternative to traditional vacant home staging.

If cost is not an issue, traditional staging is an outstanding tool to market and sell a vacant home. However, if cost is a consideration, Virtual Staging is without a doubt the best approach for marketing a vacant home, offering most of the benefits of traditional staging, at just a fraction of the cost.

So far so good, but what about virtual staging an occupied house? While other providers seem to have overlooked this, CoContest offers a 360 degrees virtual staging service, suitable for both vacant and occupied houses.

CoContest is a web site dedicated to people in need of new design ideas or projects for renovating apartments, offices and retails space. Users launch contests, setting price and deadline, and designers compete according to specifications set by users. The outcome basically represents everything customers need to the get the job done: project layouts and description, 3D renders, tips on furniture, color schemes, accessories, etc., detailed layout, section and/or elevation, preliminary cost estimation and so on.


before renovation - virtual home staging

before renovation – virtual home staging


after renovation - virtual home staging

after renovation – virtual home staging

CoContest does also provide a useful tool for real estate companies as a new outsourcing channel for low cost projects. It’s network is made of over 9000 professional interior designers, worldwide.

But, how does CoContest relate to virtual staging? It basically helps individuals and real estate agencies improving their selling experience. As stated above, one of the biggest challenges a real estate seller has to face is to be forced to show either old or empty or stuffed properties, which fails to strike the buyer’s imagination. CoContest, allows sellers to show their perspective buyers several different customizable options for renovating the property, getting them to perceive the house potential.

tablet - virtual home staging

Tablet – virtual home staging


As mentioned, CoContest addresses both to house owners trying to sell their properties and real estate agencies, offering the latter additional services is fully shaped on their needs. Many real estate agencies do, in fact, offer appraisal services: CoContest helps them switching from expensive, slow processing, private design firms to an online platform, which results in reducing costs while providing them with more options. Classic staging, Virtual staging and CoContest, that’s what the market has to offer, it’s now up to you! 🙂
Virtual Home Staging Service suggest by CoContest: StagerUp

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