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4 Ways to Make Design Go Eco-Friendly

December 8, 2013
Bleu Nature's wooden lamp

Today’s topic is Eco-Design.

As the name itself suggests, Eco-design is an approach to product design with special consideration for environmental impacts of the product during its lifecycle; it’s a movement meant to grow awareness and understanding of our ecological footprint on the planet, which seeks for new environmentally-friendly solutions in effort to reduce materials and energy consumption.

We find Eco-Design approach to wood pretty fascinating, thus we chose, amongst the many, a few original eco-friendly ideas to decorate your house with a warm and classy touch of wood.

Give it a New Life: Recycled Wood

100% industrial wood waste: that’s what Amy Hunting’s furniture is made of. It may not sound that appealing, but the result is outstanding indeed: chairs, bedside tables and book-boxes and more, colorful, original and full of creativity, these the main features of the British designer’s design collection.

Same material but different feature characterize Felipe Contreras’s collection. Turning packaging wooden box into piece of furniture, like chairs, tables and others, Contreras has definitely came out with an original and eco-friendly way to create rustic furniture.

Amy Hunting's Chair made from industrial wood waste

Amy Hunting’s Chair made from industrial wood waste

The Trees that Enlighten your House

Fascinating wooden branches intertwining with one another topped by warm, shining lights: Bleu Nature wooden lamps collection brings wild nature inside your house. Combining sea-smoothed alike wood and electricity, Blue nature’s lamps represent an amazing way to light up your spaces, creating a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Bleu Nature's wooden lamp

Bleu Nature’s wooden lamp

The Overwhelming Power of the Apuì

Plastic chairs surrounded by interlacing wicker: using the Apuì fiber which relentlessly grows overwhelming the Amazonian vegetation, the Campana brothers have created the Transplastic collection. Common plastic chairs, combined with the wild Apuì end up being extremely original armchairs, which recall forests’ natural cocoons and give your spaces a touch of exoticism.
Tech furniture might be cool, but it’s cold and quickly get outdated: wood is the real evergreen, go for it! 🙂

Chair made from Apuì fiber

Chair made from Apuì fiber

To learn more read: CasaNoi
Author: Martina Adami

For CoContestDavide Nastasi


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