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Watch Interior Design’s Future: The Spacemaker!

December 13, 2013
Interactive Program

Last article was about best mobile apps for 2.0 architects; well folks, fasten your seatbelts, ‘cause if that stuff was cool, today’s topic is pure AWESOMENESS!

Architects and designers have the tough job to deliver the perfect combination of beauty and functionality, carefully balancing comfort and design. Everything looks cool on laptops, but how will the project be once realized? Will it look as nice as it does on paper? Unanswered questions…till now! Meet the one and only Spacemaker VR by Digital Physical, “aka” the game-changer!

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

Spacemaker VR allows designers and architects to feel what it’s like walking through their designs throughout the design process and to give jaw-dropping presentations to clients and friends.
The software works with existing design software and makes it easy to export 3d design files into immersive experiences.

Taking advantage of low cost/high quality head mounted displays (HMD) (designed for video games) The Spacemaker is for architects and designers, the perfect tool for fantastic presentations. As said, it’s affordable: you can get your own HMD and Spacemaker VR together for under $500!

Interactive Program

Interactive Program

As Guy Horton, writer at Arch Daily, said: “It’s one of those inventions that all architects are soon going to realize they need – and clients will soon start to expect. In architecture’s VR future architects, clients, and even contractors won’t be able to remember what it was like to not have this system.

Software and Filetypes: Spacemaker works with existing design softwares and process. Third-party softwares like 3d Studio Max, Sketchup, Revit, Rhino, Autocad and many others can create or export some of the these file formats. It also come with a powerful Audodesk 3ds MAX plug-in that enables advanced scene creation workflows for managing and exporting large scenes.

As for supported filetypes, Spacemaker works with a tons of them: .3ds, .ac, .bsp, .dae, .dwg, .dxf, .fbx, .flt, .gem, .geo, .iv, .ive, .lw, .lwo, .lws, .logo, .md2, .obj, .ogr, .osg, .shp, .sta, .stl, .wrl, .x. It works with multiple HMDs. Currently runs on Windows and Apple Boot Camp. Works with Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Service Pack 3 and above
Developing and Fundraising:

Digital Physical has already tested versions of Spacemaker with over 40 designers, using their feedback to shape the product, and has launched aKickstarter campaign to raise ($100,000 USD) for a beta release by the first half of 2014. Early supporters who back the project will, however, receive a significant discount on the future retail price and will be among the first to get access to the innovative software.

According to Miles Kemp, Founder of Digital Physical “Its been a lifelong dream of mine to create a tool for designers to experience their creations while they are in the design process. ‘Spacemaker will fundamentally change the way that we design 3d spaces and offers an unprecedented level of realism. You feel like you are really there.”
Long story short: Spacemaker is the best virtual reality design and presentation tool. Smart, affordable, and easy-to-use.
Are you still there? The article is over; unless you are you’re going to launch a contest, head to kickstarter and back it up! 🙂

Author: Davide Nastasi

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