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New House = Lots of Money: Here’s Something to Save You Some!

December 18, 2013
Interior Design

Today we’re going to touch a very, very sensitive topic: “moving together”.

We all know, that in everyman’s life there’s a point at which it somehow happens, you move in with your sweet half, which, putting it straight, means tons of money! Get the house, get the furniture and God saves you guys if it need to be restructured. It’s a tough decision and -statistics show- a non-lasting one, so you’d better find a way to make this phase cost the least as possible!

Design of a House

Design of a House

Author: Arch.Giuliano Primi

Whether you’ve hated or loved what I’ve just said, I was kidding: moving in with your beloved is a great step, we all are proud of you, but costs…that stuff is real, no jokes! We can’t help you with rent or bills, but there’s something CoContest is really great at: helping you renovating your place, for less!

Here’s a story I’m sure you’ll be interested in.

Meet Veronica and Marco, they’re young, sexy and had moved in their new home. All seemed great, but for the fact that interiors were not exactly their style and Mr. Architect there, aka Greedy Guy, asked them many, many $$$. That was a no go, their old living room sucked (for real), but Marco, with perfect timing, (he later discovered that Veronica was right about to dump him ’cause the house sucked)had the brilliant idea to goggle “interior design online”. First name on the list? CoContest.

Interior Design

Interior Design

Author: Spazio 14 10

With a few clicks and a brief description of their dream-home, they launched a contest and…BINGO! What they had gotten was simply amazing: 22 projects, the majority of which perfectly matching their needs “two bedrooms, kid’s bedroom, two services, an amazing dining room and a warming fireplace”; all for 200 euros only. Easy, fast and, most important, cheap!

Mr. Franco Lucifora won the race (and the price) thanks to his wonderful mix of modern design and functionality. Bravo, Mr. Lucifora, Bravo!

Others did great too; the firm Flex Design and Miss Silvia Buonocore, for instance, provided the couple with some others awesome ideas that will definitely find space in the main project.

Furnished inside

Furnished inside

I find it amazing: you don’t just get one option, you get many and once picked the winner, you’re free to combine them as you want, expressing your creativity, mixing styles and details, furniture and colors. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just an house, it’s your life’s dream and the best part is building it yourselves, together.

Article’s over, for those of you who already have a girlfriend, time to launch a contest; for those of you that are still single time to hit the road and have some fun! 🙂

Author: Davide Nastasi


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