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Find the Best Construction Company with Habitissimo

December 20, 2013
Happy users with habitissimo

New day, new topic; today’s one is Habitissimo, the perfect way to find reliable construction companies and professional workers around you and get your home finally renovated!

Renovating your place means (1)getting a good project and (2) finding the right people to get the job done. In the beginning it all seems exiting but doing it the traditional way tends, more often than not, to get frustrating. You don’t know where to look, what look for, who to trust and most of the times you’ll end up settling up on something you don’t like, running out of patience, time and money.



Douchebags are just around the corner: my family has recently moved in a new house. Under pressure of the entire family, my father agreed, against his will, to get an hot tub (FYI: the guy was right, we’ve used that thing no more than a couple of times…). Long story short: we bought the tub, had it installed and when tried to turn it on, the On button was missing, they’ve just forgot to put one (from the series “you had ONE job!”).

Thank God technology has come in our rescue, giving us endless tools to help us dealing with all that crazy stuff! As for the step number 1, getting a project (not just a project, but many, awesome ones!), no need to say CoContest is the way, period. The question is: “How the hell do I execute it? I’m not a carpenter or else!”. That’s a remarkably good point, and the reason why you really need to know about Habitissimo!

Happy users with habitissimo

Happy users with habitissimo

Habitissimo is a user-friendly, comprehensive guide to find the right person to get the job done. Unlikely most other online services, Habitissimo it’s not just a list from which randomly pick the business with the most appealing name: the platform allows users to ask for a quote and choose amongst the many by comparing prices and, most important, quality!

How does it do that? Simple: once the job has been completed, users have the chance to leave feedbacks and comments to construction companies, thus helping each other choosing nothing but the best! As for the companies, Habitissimo is a great way to advertise their skills, thus building their online reputation and reaching virtually unlimited prospective clients.

So, people, listen to us: don’t wait for some wise ass to blow up your house, give it a try!

Author: Davide Nastasi

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