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MUSIC&DESIGN: Two Speakers to Play Your Music, with Style!

December 21, 2013

Home alone, no one’s around, time to put my favorite playlist on and pump up the volume! Two Speakers to Play Your Music, with Style:

No matter what music you listen to, sound-quality goes first! No doubts, Bose, Beats, Jawbone and others provide us with cool high quality devices, but how about something new? Something you may even decorate your place with? Here, two very different, nonetheless equally-awesome speakers to pump up your music while decorating your house!

iTREE. Piece of Art for audio-lovers – that’s not a caption, it’s the full name, and it’s true indeed! You’ll need just a quick glance to the pictures to understand iTREE really is a piece of art.

Speakers to Play Your Music

Speakers to Play Your Music

The iTree is made in Austria top-quality iPhone and iPod docking station made out of a simple tree trunk. The trunk is hollowed by expert carpenters, using sophisticated tools to shape it to produce optimum sound quality. Each iTree is unique – customers choose the wood, the length and the built-in technology (W Lan stream unit and CD players are compatible too).

There are currently three types of iTree – cherry, poplar and spruce – however, almost any kind of wood can be used, customers can even take a ride through the forest and pick out their own tree! Simply Awesome.

The MegaPhone – The slick ceramic body and total lack of embellishment make the MegaPhone perfectly suitable decorate your place in a minimalistic way.

Made out of ceramic and resembling a cross between an alphorn and a Brancusi, the MegaPhone purports to “amplify and optimize” sound without any electronic boost, whether you’re on speaker or listening to music.

Speakers to Play Your Music

Speakers to Play Your Music

Just plunk the phone in the cradle right side up, and the cone shape concentrates sound that would normally spread scattershot into a single direction, straight from the speakers to your ear. As the designers tell it, the thin wooden frame works to “increase the vibration of the object and optimize sound emissions.” Nice. You can even shout in it, producers guarantees it’ll work!

4 days left to the 25th, how about a big-o, stylish speaker under the tree? 🙂

Author: Davide Nastasi

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