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Hottest 2014’s Interior Design Trends: Bring ‘em in!

January 2, 2014
green kitchen

That’s it, 2013’s over and, still buzzed by last night’s celebrations (stuff went kinda wild), I’ve spent the last few hours fighting to keep my eyes open and trying to come up with something worth writing and, most of all, worth reading.

Then, out of a sudden, it hit me: how about some forecasts about 2014’s interior design trends?!

That’s genial, fun to write, interesting to read plus nobody can double check what I write since it’s stuff that hasn’t happened yet! So, ladies and gentlemen, finest 2014 interior design trends. Enjoy!


The kitchen has long since become the heart of the home, and it’s now becoming downright glamorous! Gemstone colors, lighting fixtures (ask designers Kelly Wearstler and Stephen Gambrel), composite surfaces that mimic malachite, agate, and other exotic semi-precious stones (devised by companies such as Caesarstone and Antolini ) and so on: it’s pretty much time to make it shine!

green kitchen

green kitchen


Forget all the dark wenge and other woods you’ve been seeing in furniture so far: lighter, honey-color woods such as walnut, oak, and cherry are looking fresh. Two standout collections that include lots of lighter woods are David Easton for Chaddock and Ralph Lauren Home.


It was everywhere at High Point this fall and it’ll keep rocking in 2014. It may even put an end to all the blues and greens which have dominated in the last couple of years. Turquoise will fit, no matter what: it showed up in upholstery, wall coverings, and on furniture.


Outdoor fabrics are revolutionizing outdoor furniture’s design. Soon you’ll be wondering if you shouldn’t be lugging your outdoor pieces inside. Gloster has brought Danish modern style to the patio, Bunny Williams’s new collection for Century and Michael S. Smith’s for Brown Jordan make it possible to have all the style you are used to in the living room out, under the open skies. Possibilities for stylish outdoor living are getting virtually endless.

Not enough? Here’s a professional interior designers’ opinions:

“Move over white walls, in 2014 we’ll be seeing rooms with a lot more drama and glamour. Dark, moody walls in black will be the perfect backdrop to the metallic accessories that we’re all loving right now.” — Jeanine Hays,

Wall of Pictures

Wall of Pictures

“Thanks to social media, the lifespan of a trend has been cut in half. We’re all a little overexposed. I think vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces will be highly sought after. It’s the curiosities that make a house a home and keep your guests asking: “Where did you get that?” — Lindsay Souza,

“A return to tradition. After the long-standing trend of modern and eclectic decor, more people will want to feel comfortable and at ease by returning to traditional styles.” — Erin Gates,

“Lots and lots of layering: both materials and textures. We love the look of mixing different metals, woods, and fabrics!” — Jennifer Beek and Georgie Hambright,

“From rich, saturated colors like navy and indigo to bright, vibrant shades like peacock blue and cobalt, blue will continue to reign supreme in the coming year.” — Paloma Contreras,

Inspiration Board

Inspiration Board

“Black and white is a classic home decor palette, but for 2014 I see it softening and feeling more cozy. In the cooler months think Scandinavian chic, while in the summer months think French striped shirts.” — Joanna Hawley,

2014 has just started but it seems you’ll need to swipe that credit card pretty soon! 🙂

Author: Davide Nastasi

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