Let’s see how the new CoContest works:First, the user chooses the area to renovate, be it a single room, an entire house or an outdoor. This choice will determine the price range.
Once picked the area, the user, will have to choose between three different packages,Concept, Project a Advanced, each of which related to a specific price and a specific output.Thanks to this system, prizes are now directly related to designers’ workload. The more you ask for, the more you pay. Let’s now take a look in detail to the single packages:Concept Pack: in order for his project to be admitted to the contest, the designer will have to submit:

A Plan

An HD Plan: with measurements and details. Users will only have access to the HD plan of the winning designer; this way will preserve the job done by the other designers who took part in the contest.

Furniture List: a list containing advice on what furniture to buy and where to find it.

Project Pack: all the Concept Package resources, plus:

Renders: the number of renders varies according to the chosen category (living room, apartment, office). For instance, 1 render for a living room, 5 renders for a big house. Note that this is not a minimum number, but the exact number of renders to be submitted to take part to the contest.

Advanced Pack: in includes the abovementioned, plus:

An orientative forecast
A list of light: a plan showing lights positioning.
Materials and Colours: a plan displaying details about materials and colours used.

Combining the 37 categories and the 3 packages, we’ve managed to create 111 different prices, guaranteeing the maximum degree of correspondence between price and workload, and value your job, as it should.

Federico Schiano di Pepe