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Renovating Your Apartment with CoContest

November 3, 2014

I am sure that most of you can relate with me when I say how excited I feel for anything new. Whether it is a new gadget or a trip to a new destination or even eating in a new restaurant, I always end up being overwhelmed. The same feeling, I expect, will be apparent once I decide to move in a new apartment. All of the renovation works I need to complete, including decorating my entire place, is sufficient to give me sleepless nights. Thinking of architecture and interior design will occupy most of my time. Nonetheless, this can be quite hard, especially for someone who does not have professional knowledge and experience in design solutions.

Fortunately, there are now several solutions available online to help people like me design a new place. One of the most viable alternatives would be using CoContest, where you will be hosting a design competition and receive proposed projects and design solutions from interested applicants. You can choose from the submissions presented and do things like a pro.

Interior Design Contest from CoContest

One of the recent examples of a design competition entered through CoContest involves one woman from Genoa, Italy. She is going to purchase a 120-square meter apartment. She gave an accurate description of the space, including who will be living with her. With this, she received 9 different projects, with the winner being awarded $250. The contest submissions feature a wide array of design choices, each with varying personality. All of the designs seem to be very professional, which surely made it hard to choose the winner.


CoContest is a great option for interior design and renovation


Home renovation made easy

Creating your own Contest

If you are an architect, builder, or simply just someone who is thinking of having a place renovated soon, you can also host your own competition through CoContest. Simply fill out the description form available from their website. This will include a description of the actual size of the property, as well as your personal preferences and expectations from the design submissions. Next, you will have to choose the package offered by CoContest, which will be followed by receiving applications. From time to time, you will have to answer the queries of designers to give them an enlightenment of what you expect. In the end, through all of the entries submitted, you will choose the design you perceive to be best, to whom the award money will also be given. With the winning design in hand, you can start the renovation easily.

Floor Plan layout - provided by CoContest designers

Floor Plan layout – provided by CoContest designers

A completely designed living room

A completely designed living room

With CoContest, interior design does not need to be complicated. You simply need to start your own contest and professional designers will start submitting their works for you to use. This will provide you with a blueprint to be the basis of creating a space you will surely love.

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