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Architecture and design spot light: Moon Hoon’s “two moons”

July 8, 2015

In Ilsan, South Korea, a smooth stone sheath rises above the neighborhood—two buildings standing in a frozen embrace, yet never touching. Korean architect Moon Hoon’s latest project, inspired by the erotic film Two Moon Junction, will serve as a free spirited cultural center anchored by a cafe and art gallery.

The focal point of the minimalistic, yet elegant architecture is the visual interaction of the two adjacent structures. Each structure features a concave, spherical cutout that additionally serves as a rooftop terrace open to the sky. The smooth recesses complete the image of a waxing or waning moon from different angles, fitting of the project name “Two Moons.”


The structure has three stories, the lowest of which is sunken into the ground and accessible from a flight of parallel stairs cutting through the gap between the two buildings. The first floor, which serves as a cafe, maintains an heavy industrial aesthetic with dark stone pillars, a cement-brick counter and a curved, metallic wall.


Pantheon-like domes give the rooms on the middle floor an expansive, lofty feel. The ceilings are shade of royal blue, contrasting with the pale stone walls and enameled red doors, which add a eye-catching accent to an otherwise monochrome color scheme. The circle motifs are continued with round window cutouts, adding to an an interesting interplay of light exposure from the open skylight and floor to ceiling windows.


The third floor encloses an open air terrace surrounded by free-walled slabs of concrete. Monochrome walls provide a sense of privacy, as the area is broken apart, yet still connected by arched doorways and gravel alleys. Several circular airways frame a snapshot of the outside environment, while a picturesque view of the neighborhood below can be seen through the upper third of the building’s concave focal point.


As the day fades into night, warm toned lights highlight the smooth curves of the building and shine from the interior and various windows, almost evoking an image of a illuminated network of caves. At the two opposite corners of the free-standing walls surrounding the terrace, the clients’ zodiac signs are punched out in their constellation forms, shining with an intense light.



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