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CoContest: Reasons to Ditch Traditional Interior Design

July 18, 2015

How outsource interior, landscape, and architectural design services

This week I had the opportunity to speak with a contractor in Minnesota, Joe. Joe owns a small contracting firm specializing in building timber houses and up until a couple of months ago, Joe was facing a lot of hardships concerning his business. As Joe’s company expanded, his customers became more demanding and harder to please. In order to meet increasingly difficult customer requests, Joe decided to implement his own interior design service. Customer satisfaction instantly increased following the implementation of his design service. However, one huge problem was looming.

As with all small businesses, Joe’s company became very expensive to maintain. The costs of keeping his interior design service began to pile up on Joe. A couple of months ago Joe was faced with a huge decision, keep the interior design service and watch his expenses grow or get rid of the interior design service and lose his hard-earned levels of customer satisfaction. Luckily for Joe, he stumbled upon CoContest at just the right time.


As demonstrated by Joe’s story, a contractor is faced with endless responsibilities. Finding the right people for the job and managing projects are some of the biggest issues that contractors deal with. Sifting through thousands of interior designers can be a huge hassle, especially when only one is picked in the end. Luckily for contractors like Joe, CoContest provides a great alternative!

CoContest is the absolute best way to redesign your home

CoContest is the absolute best way to redesign your home

By outsourcing any interior, landscape, or architectural design services to CoContest, contractors give their clients the benefits of having anywhere from 10-15 interior designers at their disposal. CoContest’s crowdsourcing platform allows international designers to submit their plans as soon as a client launches a contest. Clients are given a broader perspective and more variety as opposed to only having one, narrow outlook with traditional interior designers.

Variety is not the only advantage CoContest offers over traditional interior design. One huge advantage of CoContest is that users have the ability to negotiate their own price. CoContest users decide themselves what the budget for their project is, and enter their maximum budget when launching the contest. From the perspective of both the client and contractor, this is clearly a better choice than having to overreach and overpay for one interior design. Moreover, whereas offline designers usually charge by the hour, CoContest charges one low, flat rate for our services — clients receive better service for a fraction of the price.

Finally, we know that time is money. Traditional approaches to interior design are very time consuming; clients first have to go through the time-consuming process of finding and hiring a designer, then make time for back-and-forth communication with the designer. Instead of putting you through a long process with a lot of twist and turns in the way, CoContest values your time and provides you with a one-stop method of communicating with designers. Once a contest is launched, all designer feedback and interaction will be featured on the contest page, making it much easier for the client to speak with designers.

About two months after Joe decided to launch his first contest, I decided to check up on him and see how his business was doing. The results were incredible. Joe’s business increased and customers raved about how much his company was able to offer. Perhaps the biggest result of Joe’s outsourcing of CoContest is that he was able to achieve much better results at a cost that he can easily afford.

CoContest provides a win-win-win situation for contractors and their clients. For a fraction of your time and money, CoContest is able to generate a premium service with results unimaginable using traditional interior design. What’s stopping you from launching your first contest?

Making your dream home is only a couple of clicks away!

Launch contest page – making your dream home is only a couple of clicks away!

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