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5 Tips for a Relaxed Space

August 7, 2015

It’s everyone’s dream to come back to a completely comfortable, serene home at the end of a long work day. However, its not always an easy task to create a home like the eye of a tornado. To help you create a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere, we have compiled these foolproof methods to bring a little more tranquility to your busy life.

HereĀ 5 Tips for a Relaxed Space:

 Relaxed Space

1. Bring in natural light

Remove any kind of yellowy-orange toned or harsh fluorescent overhead lighting. Instead, opt for stand alone lighting fixtures such as table lamps and sconce lights. In addition, you could replace your lightbulbs with wide-spectrum ones to emulate natural sunlight even when the sun’s gone down.


2. Play with textures

One design element that people tend to overlook is the character different textures can bring to a space. By layering different textures, a previously sterile looking room can be exude a comforting aura. Experiment with fur, metallics, satin and even wood textures to exude a natural, cozy atmosphere.


3. Keep with muted colors

A room with too many loud colors can confuse the eye and create a sense of chaos. Work with neutral tones and limit bright colors to one or two elements per room. Look around the space and see if you can replace some of the more intense shades with a toned-down version, which will work wonders to maintain a calming color profile.


4. Embrace negative space

There is no need to have a visual element covering every inch of the wall. Learn to think of empty, or “negative,” space as a design element as well. In addition, reserving some empty floorspace by removing one or two furniture items can really open up a room and create a lighter, airier space.


5. Say no to clutter

There’s nothing wrong with surrounding yourself items that you love, but having too many boubles lying around does more harm than good. Take a few of those picture frames off that mantle and throw away that bowl of potpourri. Aim for no more than a few items on each table top and night stand.

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