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Making minimalism work for you

September 16, 2015

Minimalism isn’t a dark art, it is simply the deliberate and considered paring back of belongings and accessories to maintain a beautiful and ordered space that remains homely and representative of who you are.

Take a look at these ideas for incorporating minimalism into your home and see if you might already be a secret minimalist!


Glass Table In A Big Grey Rest Room

There may not appear to be much in the way of furniture in this dining room but minimalism is playing an important role in the selection of what is present. The table, chairs and light are all so high end that they are almost works of art, making any further additions totally unnecessary, The bare concrete wall adds to the simplicity and uncomplicated design scheme too and would not be a hugely expensive installation!


Modern living room with fireplace,sofa and shelves with books and objects - rendering

Though there is far more in place here than in the last picture, we are still definitely looking at a beautiful example of minimalism. Everything is structured, neutral and carefully positioned,allowing for practicality and functionality to really take charge here. The very pale colour palette helps to maintain a clean and crisp look, which is well known as a minimalist style preference.


Modern bedroom interior. 3d render.

There is only one way on which this bedroom could be considered more minimalist and that is if the cushions and blanket on the bed were removed. They are the only extraneous additions to the room, adding two accent colours and could easily be left out of the design for an ultra clean and basic look. Minimalism doesn’t exclusively refer to white spaces, although it is very common, but the use of a very limited colour palette is certainly expected and appreciated.


white commode with lamp and books in bright minimalism interior

What really makes this sideboard speak of minimalism are the crisp lines of the drawers, the super smooth finish and that lovely light colour. Serving a practical function, as well as offering a pleasant aesthetic, a lamp and some books help to personalise the piece and prevent minimalist design ideas becoming too institutional.


couch and lamp on the parquet floor

We told you that minimalism didn’t necessarily mean that you have to only use white! While this sofa offers a bright splash of colour, the overall effect of the room is still extremely pared back and stripped of all non-essentials, making it a perfectly minimalist living room. Somewhere to sit and a light source is all that is needed here and it looks wonderful!

Think of minimalism as a return to a simpler time, with furniture chosen carefully, based on craftsmanship and functionality. Its not about the amount of things you own but the quality of the things that you need.

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