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Leather for your living room

September 21, 2015
Old-fashioned armchair in gloomy light

Known to be the perfect material for creating a luxury finish and appearance, leather is the perfect way to turn good furniture into extraordinary pieces.

Despite leather being so highly regarded in the design world, not everybody feels that it is the right material choice for them, fearing that their design ethos will not blend well with it. This is not true however and we are here to show you just how fantastic it can look in any living room. Will you be inspired to fall in love with leather?


Old-fashioned armchair in gloomy light

What a fantastic combination of old and new this leather armchair is! Here we see an antique leather chair having been partially re-upholstered in a heavily patterned but perfectly toned fabric, allowing for what was once an old fashioned item of furniture to become something entirely new and unique. The wonderful combination of heritage and modern styling mean that this chair would be the perfect addition to any living room!


If you are worried that the standard colours of leather will not blend perfectly with your living room decor, why not consider a sofa that has been given a dramatic injection of personality and pigmentation? This fantastic beetroot red leather sofa adds a sense of fun and considered design to an already beautiful space that is filled with elegant additions and stylish touches.


Interior design of moderm Living room with black leather couch /brick wall background

What a stunning and industrial space this looks to be. It could even be a living room that is following a modernist or minimalist theme, but one thing is for sure; the leather sofa looks amazing. Perfectly at home in front of a stripped bare brick wall and sat on top of wonderfully finished natural floorboards, this effortlessly elegant and simply stylish low back sofa offers a modern twist to a traditional material. The studs at the bottom nod to more heritage leather sofas, such as Chesterfields, but in a fantastically updated way.



Leather sofas truly can look fantastic in any living room, even those that seek to be a little eclectic in their styling. Minimalist and industrial in equal measure, this setting may not automatically suggest a large, comfortable, antique sofa and yet this traditional Chesterfield looks perfectly at home. Blending with the warm tones of the walls and floor, the brown leather adds a sense of nostalgia and homeliness, which we love.

Are you open to falling in love with leather now?

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