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Experimenting with eclectic styling!

September 25, 2015
Stylish bedroom interior

Though modern, minimalist interiors have been gaining popularity in recent years, being yourself and flexing your eclectic creativity will never go out of style.

By throwing aside the rule book and making a conscious decision to embrace every colour, pattern and style that you love, your home will be the most glorious representation of who you really are and what could be more wonderful, personal and enjoyable than that? Take a look at the following examples of eclectic design and see if you are tempted to embrace the kookier side of interior design and decorating!



What an amazing room this is! There is no discernible era at play here, but the overall feel is quite modern, thanks to that fantastically different suspended wood burner. Instead of opting for only modern pieces however, eclectic styling comes into play in the form of the penny farthing ornament, retro sofa and ageless floor lamp. Without a defined ‘style’ being adhered to, the room looks fun, relaxed and as though it isn’t trying too hard.


Eclectic furnishings in living room

There has long been an unofficial rule that you can’t mix patterns with other patterns, but this room throws caution to the wind andĀ embraces a vibrant and eclectic mix of colours, styles and finishes. On paper, the patterns featured really shouldn’t work together but in person, the effect is incredibly happy, uplifting and looks incredibly natural and well thought out. Even the mix of furniture styles doesn’t look odd, instead, it looks deliberate and delightful.


Modern sitting room interior

What a fabulous mix of old, new and ageless styles all working together! There are identifiable elements of nautical, shabby chic and even heritage styling all at play here but the end result is far from being an inconsistent space. Calm and relaxing, this office looks to be the perfect location for undertaking some work, while also relaxing.


Stylish bedroom interior

Why choose one signature colour when you can simply choose to have them all? What a beautifully rainbow coloured room that looks as much designed for fun as sleeping! Eclectic styling is all about saying yes and not worrying if everything will be perfectly matched, so say yes to lots of colour, yes to patterns and most of all, yes to your home the way you want it!

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