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Rustic kitchens for every home

September 28, 2015

The word rustic may make you think of antique or old fashioned styling, but don’t be fooled; rustic kitchens work in any home, from modern to country!

More traditional, pared back and unfussy in style, rustic kitchens really are the best of every world and bring together modern convenience with much loved nostalgia. Shabby chic design, which has gained enormous popularity in recent years, is an updated way of including rustic styling into your home, regardless of if you have chosen to include modern or minimalist elements as well.

Take a look at these five amazing examples of rustic kitchens and see you can be tempted to take any style tips from them!


A modernized kitchen in a primitive colonial style reproduction home. The home is built with materials reclaimed from structures built in the late 1700's. The styling is authentic primitive colonial, with modern amenities added to make the home functional and comfortable for a modern family.

rustic kitchens

The epitome of a rustic kitchen, this French country style installation looks not only traditional, but fully useable and modern appliance-friendly. They key to this harmony is keeping the modern touches as subtle and disguised as possible, while simultaneously allowing the more recognisably antique style pieces to come to the foreground. For example, the oven, though modern, doesn’t look out of place because our eyes are naturally drawn to the oak beams and hanging wicker baskets. Clever!


beautiful old-style kitchen interior. 3D concept

rustic kitchens 2

An amazing space, this rendering shows exactly what is possible when you seek to bring rustic kitchens into the modern era. The use of wood allows for a nostalgia that only old fashioned homes can offer, while the tiled floor and splashback helps to inject a much needed dose of practicality. The vast amounts of cupboard space mean that a more minimalist home would benefit from this design, as uncluttered worktops would necessarily follow and the inclusion of dried vegetables hanging on the wall is utterly perfect!


rustic kitchens decoration

rustic kitchens 3

With a space as amazing as this to work with, there can be little doubt that rustic styling is the only choice. It would be such a shame to contrast that fabulous roof line too much, so the simple and basic kitchen/dining area seen here really works wonderfully well. The vast amount of wood being used helps to ground the space in a certain ‘naturalness’ and by keeping all of the walls white, nothing looks at odds with the pale ceiling. The pots and pans are not just wall decorations either, this is a much loved method of storing larger items, especially in the Mediterranean, where rustic styling has seldom gone out of fashion!


rustic kitchens design

rustic kitchens 4

You thought all rustic kitchens needed to look extremely old fashioned didn’t you? Well they don’t, as this beautiful and colourful example demonstrates! Rustic due to the imperfect finishes on the cooker housing and hood and the use of lots of lovely natural wood, this kitchen is also wonderfully modern, thanks to modern appliances. Though we think this look would work best in a country home, if you picture the bright orange elements in a simple white, this space wouldn’t look out of place in even the most modern or urban of houses!


rustic kitchens style

rustic kitchens 5

From one extreme to another! If you are keen to embrace rustic styling but want to do it with a respect for traditional and authenticity, then this is the perfect inspiration for you! We can’t help but love the bright blue pops of colour that lift this kitchen and give it a homely and welcoming feel. The flagstone floor, exposed brickwork walls and large range all combine to make this the ultimate rustic kitchen and regardless of what type of house we live in, we want one just like it!

Are you keen to inject some rustic styling into your home? Leave us a comment and tell us why!

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