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Woodburners to keep you warm this winter!

September 30, 2015
Cozy modern interior living room with wood burner

As the nights draw in and we say goodbye to summer, say hello to stylish woodburners that can keep you warm and add a perfect finishing touch to your home.

Nothing quite adds the same amount of practical functionality, beauty and joy as woodburners, but don’t be fooled into thinking that your property is not the right location for one! You don’t have to live in a country cottage that offers bags of rustic charm, in fact, an ultra modern home can benefit from the addition of a burner too, especially when there are so many styles on offer!

From super minimal through to classically heritage, woodburners come in all shapes and sizes, so let’s take a look at some of our favourites to see if we can tempt you to to consider one this winter!


Burning Fireplace inside of hotel room - woodburners tech

woodburners 1

Woodburners like this are so amazing aren’t they? It’s so modern and sleek, it could replace a television as the main entertainment in a living room! The large pane of glass allows for the gorgeous glow to fill the room, while the brickwork that it has been built into almost adds a touch of old world charm, especially when combined with the wrought iron log store! The perfect combination of traditional and modern, we are sold already!


Cozy modern interior living room with wood burner - woodburners classic

woodburners 2

It’s clear to see that this living room has been decorated in a modern way, but with the heritage and age of the property having been taken into account. Obviously a cottage of some description, the woodburner is a perfect choice for bringing character and warmth, as well as complimentary style. Reminiscent of vintage cast iron woodburners, we like how this one has been simplified to offer a nostalgic touch, alongside beautiful modernity.


Log Burner in Log Cabin with vintage chest beside - woodburners classic

woodburners 3

When you are the proud owner of a log cabin, there really only be one choice for warming yourself on a cold winter’s night and that is perfectly traditional iron woodburners in black. Eminently Scandinavian in feel, this room is bringing together elements that invoke happy feelings and comfort, so grab another log, throw it in and cuddle up in front of the burner with a mug of hot chocolate. Bliss!


Modern burning stove next to a wood logs rack - woodburners hi tech

woodburners 4

Even the most modern and minimalist of homes can be the perfect place to install woodburners, especially when they are as stylish and eye-catching as this one! So incredibly cutting edge, the design featured here is not remotely reminiscent of the traditional burners that we have come to recognise. Perfect for a super sleek barn conversion, we love the overall look of this piece, complete with highly stylised and artistic log store.


Charming living room with a tv set and a spectacular view to a lake - woodburners minimal

woodburners 5

With a room so stylised and perfect as this, it was always going to take a woodburner of epic and astonishingly different proportions to complete it, but thankfully that wasn’t a problem! Utterly incredible, the panoramic installation beneath the television is overshadowing almost all the other touches in the room and it is impossible not to imagine sitting in front of it on a cold evening, just admiring the flames and soaking in the warmth! This really is the perfect example of just how much woodburners can wow!

Are you considering a woodburner for you home? Tell us in the comments!


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