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Autumn is here! 5 tips for preparing your home

October 5, 2015
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Time to reign in the Autumnal Goodness, check out our 5 tips to decorate your home Autumn-style!

In case you’ve missed the falling leaves, the 7pm sunsets and the zero-lows after dark, it’s autumn folks: summer’s well and truly left the building and the seasonal shift is upon us all. Thankfully, autumn’s a pretty lovely time of the year, after all, and what better way to reign in the fresh airs of our new season than by preparing our homes accordingly.

What goes for summer might not jive for the autumnal climes. Here’s a quick peek at how to revamp and hone your interiors to maximise, utilise and harmonise – design-wise – for a fabulously autumnal domestic setting: five tips for preparing your home for Autumn.


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  1. Forget ‘spring clean’, autumn clean your home for the winter

    Who said spring had to be the one time of the year for a wholesale interior overhaul? Make that ‘big cleanse’ a bi-annual affair and bring in a little autumn clean to keep the household clutterless and fresh. Get into those attics and basements, those closets while you’re at it, bathroom and kitchen storage, and turf out what no longer belongs. Sometimes, something as simple as a basic, thorough de-cluttering makes all the difference


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  2. Autumnal coloursWhy not spice up your colour spectrum to maximise the autumnal mood? Those bold reds, yellows and blues might have worked wonders in the light of the long summer, but the skies have shifted, and so should you. Consider applying some more pensive tones: mustards, burnt oranges, browns will work a treat, not to mention a little off-white and sage.


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  3. Warm up your outdoor spaces

    So, the onset of cooler moments might instil the sense that it’s all about the indoors from here on out. Well, it doesn’t need to be the case: keeping warm in the comfort of the cosy lounge can make for a fine autumn scene, but with a bit of outdoor warming, you can have the best of both. Consider sprucing up your outdoor leisure and entertainment areas with weather-proof accoutrements: fire pit, gas heaters, and while you’re at it, a boutique spa or Jacuzzi. You’re worth it!


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  4. Store firewood for your wood-burner or fireplace

    Perhaps you’re one of the sensible ones who saw the onset of the autumn chill creeping up on the horizon, and started stockpiling the woodpile accordingly. If not, it’s never too late (and always a good option to have more). Get chopping and stacking and make sure your wood-burner and fireplace isn’t left hanging without requisite burnables.


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  5. Impart plenty of sumptuous textiles for a cosy season

    Of course, as neat and convenient as it is to be able to keep utilising the outdoors right on through the season’s end, home is where the warmth is when it comes to an enjoyable autumn. Treat your lounge rooms, living spaces and bedrooms to a thoughtful range of sumptuous textiles to enhance the mood of cosiness and warmth – turn up the textiles, and turn your home into a fabulous relaxation and entertainment space.

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