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Spectacular shower rooms

October 5, 2015

Shower rooms are a great opportunity for flexing your creativity and design flair by embracing colour and high end materials to create a luxurious space.

It’s not just about choosing elaborate tiles or the biggest enclosure possible; good design turns a beautiful room into a spectacular space that is as fit for purpose as it is inspirational and welcoming. Take a look at the examples we have found below and see if you could be tempted to inject new life and style into your ablutions area!


Interior house, comfortable red bathroom - shower

shower 1

What an incredible space that not only catches your eye but takes your breath away a bit with it’s daring use of colour and materials! The cool blue tile inserts help to calm the vivacious red gloss wall panels and deep pile scarlet carpet, while the white suite and trim brings everything together in one harmonious theme. Utilising a corner space means a large installation has been included, perfect for early morning relaxation or end of the day winding down.


Round bath in a luxury tiled bathroom interior - shower

luxury shower

Nobody said a shower room had to be square and boxy and this gorgeous example is a great demonstration of just how much artistic licence you can use! A thoroughly modern room, there are clear themes at work, from the curved shower, complete with circular tray and screen and round spa bath, through to the heavy use of granite in contrasting dark and light shades. Rectangular wall slots help to introduce other shapes, to prevent the circular theme becoming too stale and we love how calm this space is.


classic shower

classic shower

With a lot of space free to use, a wash room can become something of a real feature in your home, just like this amazing example. A great combination of old and new, thanks to the use of a traditionally styled built in unit contrasting with the ultra modern tile finish, this room has a lot of character and an enormous shower unit! Big enough for two people, the enclosure has been finished with a crystal clear screen, so as to make it seem even larger!


tribal shower

tribal shower

OK, we know this one is a little bit different and somewhat out there, but we couldn’t resist including it! Though this is an outdoor area, the styling could easily be transplanted to an indoor room, if you don’t have the space or climate to make it work in the great outdoors! We love how everything has been finished to such a high standard, but still seeks to showcase the surroundings as the main event. We can only imagine how glorious it would be to wash here every morning and it would certainly get us out of bed a little easier!

Have you been inspired to revamp your shower room or is yours perfect already? Tell us in the comments!

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