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Working with your home’s small spaces

October 19, 2015
small spaces

In this rapid-paced, urban-based modern world, spatial abundance at home certainly comes at a premium. These days, ‘small’ is in: the tiny house movement has helped make the most of ‘less’. And while not all of us will be ready to follow suit and downsize quite so drastically, we can take a few pointers from the latest trend to make the most of the small spaces we have in our current homes. No space? No problem. Here’s some ideas on how to work with what you’ve got.

small spaces

via India Mahdavi


Whether it’s the kitchen, lounge room, bedroom or hallway, nothing opens up a space like a fresh lick of colour. Tiny spaces tend to come to life when they’re given a fresh, light-hued revamp: think beige and bright whites, and something a little more vibrant (steer clear of the darks and drabs: they need not apply here).

small spaces

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To add instant depth to your walls and dimensions (or at least the perception of it) consider adding a selection of mirrors around your  small spaces. It’ll not only boost the impression of your  space, effectively pushing those walls further out, but they’ll harness the room’s light, both natural and artificial, and make your small spaces shine.

small spaces

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Smart Furniture

Who needs a bulbous longe, or cumbersome antique china set? Get all that hefty, space absorbing furniture out, and bring in some smart, slender and sleek alternatives. Cosy, condensed couches and chairs for the lounge; streamlined beds and couchette sleepers for the bedroom or studio; and for the kitchen, roving island tops with stools – just a few basic things to make your small spaces breathe with ease.

small spaces

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As the musical ‘Hair’ told the world: let the light shine in! Well, it’s an equally apt mantra for your new space-maximizing mission. Above all, do what you can to let in as much natural light as possible: take down those gaudy curtains, clean the windows and sills. No windows? Or too few? Well then, employ sensible, thoughtful and attractive artificial light for a svelte, cosy and ultimately, room-appropriate mood for each and every one of your small spaces. Consider some jazzy Edison bulbs, well-placed halogens and floor-planted corner lamps.

small spaces

via Alexander James

Clutter Free

Get rid of any and all bits and pieces that do not serve a purpose. In the hallway, ditch the shoes and tuck them away in a closet, chest or shoe-rack; in the lounge and living spaces, keep things minimal. Avoid the all too easy ‘stack up’ of personal effects and accoutrements, keep things in line, and you’ll relish in a clutter free, comfortable and space-smart domesticity.

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