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Swimming pools! 5 of the best.

October 26, 2015
swimming pools

Swimming pools: just as they were when they were first introduced to the world, these old favourites remain one of the finest and most recognisable hallmarks of luxury.

Tastes change, and the world keeps on spinning, though when it comes to the finer points of luxury, the classics never die. Today, we’re taking a look at five of the most impressive and lavish hotel swimming pools in the world. Be warned: these will make you want to book the next flight out (unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to be living nearby). Put your sunscreen on and take a dip!

swimming pools

via The Library Hotel

1.The Library Hotel, Koh Samui, Thailand

It sure is an impressive waterfront, but a pool of blood? Alas, don’t be fooled by the crimson tones folks: while the water might look a little racy, it’s merely the effect of the Thai Library Hotel’s neat tilework. Take a dip in the milky teal whitewash of the salty Gulf of Thailand rushing up on the shoreline, laze a while under the red umbrellas, before taking a cleansing refresh in the hold of this fantastic, rose red novelty pool. Romantic, chic, contemporary and unusual: all the ingredients necessary for a truly unparalleled and luxurious swimming experience.

swimming pools

via Starwood Hotels

2. Hacienda Uayamon, Uayamon, Mexico

For those who like a hint of ruin with their immaculate modern swimming experience, the Hacienda Uayamon is certainly the way forward. Here, the lingering remnants of Colonial Mayan architecture provide a stunning scene for a luxurious aquamarine dip: kick back on the lavish banana lounges, or perhaps the cosy hold of the emperor-sized hammock, and bask in the glory of this ancient ruin and it’s luxurious hotel pool.

swimming pools

via Hanging Gardens Ubud

3. Hanging Gardens, Ubud, Indonesia

Natural Swimming Pools (NSPs) have become all the rage in the domestic sphere of late, but before all that, there was this: the Hanging Gardens of Ubud, one of the most stunning and natural spots to take a dip on earth. Compared to NSPs, this is ‘next level natural’, and with an incredible vista surrounding, and more or less perfect weather year round, it’s a body of water that you’ll never want to dry off from.

swimming pools

via Grace Santorini

4. Grace Hotel, Santorini, Greece

Those immaculate whites, the unforgettable crisp blues, the primordial Volcanic landscape: yes folks, the Greek Islands remain an unrivalled destination for sheer natural luxury. On one of the most impressive of all the Greek Islands, we arrive here: Santorini’s lavish Grace Hotel and its absolutely mesmerising terrace. Imagine yourself enjoying a late afternoon meal by the cliffside, before taking in the mythic vista under the sunset in the perfect temperature of this decadent infinity pool. This is the stuff your wildest dreams are made of.

swimming pools

via Casa no Tempo

5. Casa no Tempo, Portugal

Still, there’s no beating the simplicity of swimming pools akin to Portugal’s Case no Tempo: an effortlessly luxuriant open space with natural, expansive, secluded pool area. Located in the heart of the ‘unspoilt’ Alentejo region, there are arguably few more peaceful landscapes on earth to take a dip in than here.

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