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Modern Rustic Interiors: 5 of the best

November 3, 2015
modern rustic interiors

Modern rustic interiors: ‘rustic’ is one of those words thrown around a lot in the design world, often with but an inkling as to what it actually is. Some might say it’s to do with simplicity and plainness, a style founded on a more rural aesthetic. Yet we know rustic when we see it: soft colours and tones; raw, hard and often worn-in materials; a broad ‘feel’ or ‘vibe’ that arches back to a yesteryear of more basic fundamentals. Fused it with a modern edge and you’ve got yourself a fabulous style blend.

In a world where old frequently becomes new, we thought it’d be a great idea to take a wander today through the revamped past, with a neat look at five deeply appealing modern rustic interiors.

modern rustic interiors

via Paul Massey

1.Mix and match textures

Some might think that a rustic style in and around the home is too limited an approach, but the fact is, you can easily keep your options open and keep your spaces looking diverse. Create modern rustic interiors by mixing up your choice of textures: here, we see an all-rustic motif breathe with modern life – cushions and upholstery juxtapose against the hardness of the walls and floor, while a neat array of accessories only adds further depth.

modern rustic interiors

via Emma Lewis

2. Hang your vintage kitchen accessories

When it comes to rustic interiors and vintage feel in general, accessories are your best friend. Old and repurposed accessories bring a space to life and give it extra zest; they are the key to a room’s personality, so it makes sense to show them off where you can. When it comes to the kitchen, stock up with brilliant old school pots and pans – the more blemishes and chips the merrier – and plant them center stage by hanging them up.

modern rustic interiors

via Laurel Bern Interiors

3. Keep your colour scheme bright and versatile

Who ever said that the simplicity endemic of modern rustic interiors has to equate with a lack of colour? On the contrary, rustic feel can be effortlessly and successfully evoked through the colours you choose. We recommend a bright and versatile colour scheme where a room calls for it, such as right here in this delightful lounge, replete with exotic mint cushions with patterns, a room well enhanced by rich natural light streaming in from its elegant windows.

modern rustic interiors

via Hudson Interior Design

4. Employ sturdy leather pieces of furniture

Rustic furniture (if it’s the real deal) is invariably constructed from robust materials, so it’s important to find sturdy varieties for your home interiors. In this case, hard wood chairs are well-appointed with vintage leather upholstery, fusing neatly with the cast iron candelabra above and wood flooring below. All in all, truly one of those bona fide modern rustic interiors.

modern rustic interiors

via a&h Architecture. Photography by Dana Wheelock

5. Rethink traditional styles

On first thought, we might look at this example and see little more than a modern, open plan kitchen. True, to an extent. But if you look further you’ll see that the success of this seemingly contemporary space rests upon it’s collection of unique vintage ingredients: the lantern-esque light fittings; the wooden wheel-ladder; the cottage-inspired hardware, the wooden floors and overall spaciousness – all, supporting players that boost the vibrancy and depth of the modern foundation while blending in un-ostentatiously. Modern rustic interiors: another great success!

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