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Garden Rooms: 5 handy decorating tips

November 5, 2015
garden rooms

Once upon a time, garden rooms (aka conservatories or orangeries) were the revered ‘must have’ addition to any regal manor or posh home. Indeed, there’s something fabulously desirable and decadently English about the garden room: a wonderfully creative, lush, airy accompaniment to the any domestic area. Somewhere between interior and exterior, the sheer beauty of the garden room alone is enough to warrant having one in your home – and today, anyone can.

Garden rooms have been enjoying a virtual interior design renaissance of late, so today we’re taking you on a leisurely stroll through five of the most well designed and decorated.

garden rooms

via Vale Garden Houses

1.Choose a classic country style

Classic country style goes with garden rooms like white on rice. Yes folks, it’s a marriage, and you ought to consider this sort of deck out first and foremost when deciding on how to decorate your garden room space. Think wicker lounge seats with upholstered cushions; furniture that works both inside and out; lush, clipped pot plants and a thoughtful array of cushions to boot. Nothing controversial about all that.

garden rooms

via Simon Brown Photography

2. Combine modern pieces with new contemporary items

Of course, classic looks and feels aren’t to everyone’s tastes, and even when they are, it can be nice to mix things up a little by updating the old with a splash of the new. In this fabulous example, we  find a garden room that takes a strong step into the realm of the contemporary: carpeted rather than tiled; replete with elegant chairs, stools and marble table top in the round. Add a fabulous selection of paperback titles, and you’ve got a bona fide indoor-outdoor garden room library and reading space.

garden rooms

via Charlotte Lane Fox

3. Keep your decor light, bright, and fresh

A light, bright decor works best in almost all garden rooms, so make sure you’ve got ample light streaming in from ceiling and roof, and adequate access to the outdoors.

garden rooms

via Blind Gallery

4. Implement some colourful window dressings

Aim for a selection of fine colour and give your well-lit space an extra burst of enthusiasm: here, colourful window dressings really add spark and charm.

garden rooms

via Emma Lewis

5. Choose an exposed brick wall as a feature

Another fantastic example of a more contemporary style: here, exposed brick works as a wonderfully raw feature wall and juxtaposition against the refinement of the classic white walls and ceiling.

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