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Christmas: contemporary ideas for 2015

November 8, 2015

It’s pretty stunning just how fast the festive seasons starts nipping on our heels these days, and in case you hadn’t felt the bite, 2015’s merry moments are literally just around the corner. Getting your domestic space spruced up and spirited for the impending joy to come should probably be on your radar; after all: when it comes to Christmas (and the mad, mad pace of December) it’s always good policy to get one up on the whole deal and prepare your spaces well in advance.

Today, we’re showing you how to have yourself a very merry (and organised) contemporary Christmas, with a tasty look at some of the more modern and less kitschy, interior design choices available to you for the coming festive season.


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  1. Send out some stylish cards

Remember all those gaudy, over the top and downright bizarre looking Christmas cards you used to get years ago? What’s the deal with the quality of greeting cards at this time of year? Well, perhaps there’s something to be said for this kitsch tradition, but there’s also a lot to be said about baulking the trend and lifting the game a little – start by sending out some quality greeting cards like these great ones. They’re simple, to the point, stylish and elegant, and your festive season recipients will certainly think the same about you upon receiving them.


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2. Decorate your table with flair!

Ahh, Christmas: that time of year where we summon the familial hoards and get everyone together for a great feast of excellent, hearty food and drink. While Christmas lasts the bulk of December, and even some of January, the festivities around the 24th and 25th are always the peak of the moment, and extra attention ought to be showered over that all-crucial Christmas space: the dining table. Decorate with a little stylish flair this year: consider minimalist, yet classy-toned bauble decorations, fabulous wooden furniture, and brilliant copper toned and tinsel motif – here’s proof that a great Christmas can really be done in style.



via Domayne

3. Choose driftwood furniture and accessories

For a few extra decorations and flourishes, don’t feel the need to head down to your local emporium or designer warehouse; making a great Christmas vibe can be done with the simplest of materials. In this great scene, we see how the use of basic driftwood can be incorporated into the festive domestic setup and accessorised with class.


via Hoemee

4. Be bold with colour

Folks, there is a huge difference between being gaudy and being colourful, so remember: while we may advocate toning down the gaudiness, that doesn’t mean you need to forfeit your proclivities towards bright, bold colours. After all, Christmas is a bright and love-fuelled time; colour is part of what makes the whole event sing. Red is the classic Christmas tone, and ought to be cherished where possible. Here, we see how the use of red across the dining table and accessories works to a tee when paired against elegant, stripped-back white tones.


via Decoist

5. Think outside the box with your decorations…

But of course, your Christmas is your Christmas, and traditions, while steeped in the roots of the past, are always in a state of flux and transformation. Embrace the Christmas spirit in your own idiosyncratic way, and think outside the box with your own dazzling array of glorious festive season decorations and accessories.


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