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Multi-purpose furniture

November 8, 2015
multi-purpose furniture

Once upon a time, being the owner of a large, spacious and ample sized home was considered more or less the be all and end all of domestic achievement. But in recent years things have changed up: exemplified by the rise in the ‘tiny home’ movement, many homeowners and renters today have opted to downsize their dwellings to more humble, user-friendly and manageable domains. All this has called for a shift in the way we decorate our home interiors, and how we use our items and accessories – today, compact living necessitates that we have things in our homes that not only look good, but function – and multi-task – in ways they may never have before.

Today, we’re taking a look at some fabulous examples of multi-purpose furniture fit for the smaller modern homes out there in the world.

multi-purpose furniture

via Small Home Offices

  1. The ultimate all-in-one multitasker

If you’re cutting it thin with the space in your abode, you might consider taking a cue from this neat scene: possibly the most adept multi-purpose furniture we’ve seen in a long time – an all-in-one freestanding bed, couch and bookcase unit. By day, enjoy the comfort of the sleek couch and shelving setup; come night simply drop down the wall facade for a fabulously discreet and easy night’s sleep. Neat!

multi-purpose furniture

via Mikili

2. Spruce up your bicycle storage

For those lycra lizards and bona fide city cyclists out there, having enough space – or any at all – to keep your wheels in check, out of the way and safe inside can become a real mission when you’re living life in domestic modesty. Thankfully, there’s a multi-purpose furniture solution for every problem, and a niche for every need – behold this awesome and ultra clever shelving system that lets you edge your cycle into its own storage hold, with ample space for your helmet and bike-related bits and pieces.

multi-purpose furniture

via Kevin Depape Designer

3. The living room workspace

We live in a fast world, and things have never been more interconnected: why not keep that theme rolling with your interior setup? The designers in this neat scene certainly have – a fabulous living room slash workspace, courtesy of this excellent canary yellow ‘future couch’, multi-purpose furniture replete with highly adjustable and ‘swing-around-able’ workdesks. Freelancers, workaholics and work-at-homers rejoice!

multi--purpose furniture

via KwiK Designmöbel

4. The fold-away shelf, hanging system with coat hooks

Does multi-purpose furniture get any cooler or neater than this fantastic foldaway hanging system? Replete with coat hooks and artistic design, this is an absolute must-have for the space conscious compact home dweller: perfect for hanging shirts, jackets, the odd cardigan and mirrorless camera, folding sweaters into a pile or sporting a vase of fresh flowers and cuttings (and so much more).

multi-purpose furniture

via Domayne

5. A twin bed, with added play space

When we’re talking about these sort of modern home trends and fitouts, there’s a tendency to focus only on a certain demographic of homeowners in the population: typically the young and mobile, singles and couples, more so than families with children. Well, we mustn’t neglect the full spectrum of compact home dwellers out there; the small home trend is as much a family phenomenon as a solo alternative. We can’t forget the kids, and with this in mind, we see here how we might think about decking out the all-important space conscious kids’ room: a neat and playful twin bed with additional play space for ultimate versatility. Just add green turf, flowerpots and fantastic forest wallpaper!

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