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Living room: a handy accessory guide

November 15, 2015
living room

The living room: is there any other place in our homes where we seek to feel so much effortless comfort, where we long to be wrapped up in the arms of luxury and splendour, and be accompanied by a fine read and a good glass of wine? The living room is such a crucial space in the home: it’s where we relax, unwind and rejuvenated after a long, hard day and return the juices to our engines. For these reasons, it’s so important to make the absolute most of our living rooms, and a good way to get ahead is with a fine selection of accessories.

Today, we’re taking a stroll through some truly fantastic living rooms, with a special look at the way a keen sense of accessorisation can really enhance the comfort and allure of any living room space. Read on!

living room

via Paul Massey

Lighting is the key to success

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: when all else fails, when everything else succumbs to doubt, all you need to do is sort out your lighting. Having the right blend of lighting – both natural and artificial – is crucial to a living room space, and can make all the difference between a mundane one, and one that invites us in each and every time we walk through it. Here’s a great case in point: a spacious, airy living room made effortlessly cosy by its lush daytime window sun, with artful Edison bulbs hanging at the ready for a keen nighttime glow.¬†

living room

via Carolyn Barber

Plenty of sumptuous textiles

Living rooms love warmth, which is why we love to be in living rooms in the first place. Boost your living room’s warmth by implementing as many warm textiles and materials as the room will allow. This living space here breathes nothing but warmth and invitation, courtesy of its fabulous selection of textiled throw cushions, drapes and flooring.

living room

via Laurel Bern Interiors

Curios and ornamentation

Curios can be a fantastic way of generating a little extra charm, character and personality into any and every living room space. Here, ornate oriental-style vases fuse elegantly and interestingly with the clean marble grandeur of the mantel, the colourful flourish of wallpaper, and the symmetrical style.

living room

via a&h Architecture

Rugs for the win

Rugs! is there anything they can’t do? Well, perhaps…but they can certainly do a lot, especially when delivered in the right setting. In this spacious, graceful wooden floored living space, an ornate feature rug really ties the room together, fusing with the hot flame of the open fireplace to achieve a level of warmth and invitation that wouldn’t be quite present¬†otherwise.

living room

Rachel Whiting via House & Garden

The magnificence of art

For a warm, artful living room, look no further than the inclusion of some well-selected feature wall art. Prints and paintings such as the ones on this decadent, dreamy blue wall add a sense of refinement and flair to a living room setup, and can truly induce some fabulously inviting living room comfort.

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