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Home libraries: the essential guide

November 17, 2015
home libraries

Once upon a time, to have possessed your own personal collection of books, magazines or periodicals would have marked you out as a person of high sophistication, intellect and social esteem (to say nothing of what your home interior must have looked like – no doubt a castle, or a manor of the highest regard!). However, a lot has changed since the advent of the printing press, and owning such a collection has become an increasing staple of our domestic lives. These days, it’s hardly uncommon for a home to be furnished with a well-curated collection of paperbacks and titles, though it’s still very much a novelty to dedicate an entire room or space to showcase them in style.

Have you thought about installing a fabulous home library? Today, we’re getting your bookish juices flowing with a wander through some of the most appealing and eye-catching libraries out there. Read on and get inspired!

home libraries

by James Mortimer via House & Garden

Line your walls with reading material

Having your very own home library has never been more accessible, and this example is proof. Here, we have a humble, cosy space – perhaps a living room or former study – which has been neatly transformed into well appointed library room. Floor to ceiling bookcases give ample storage for an abundance of books, while a clever use of mirrors adds depth and grace to the space. Simply add blue cowprint chairs, chevron rug and a crackling fireplace: warm, inviting and terrific.

home libraries

via Paul Massey

The hidden room

Effortlessly inviting, this is a library with a fabulous difference: a fully functional secret bookcase door! There’s everything to love about this neat addition – all your books stored away amongst a fabulous country-style aesthetic, and a cosy hideaway behind it all for you to hunker down and get away from it all.

home libraries

via Simon Brown

Think big!

Book collecting starts with modest intentions, but can very quickly escalate into obsession. For the obsessive readers out there, a simple bookcase or two just won’t cut it when it comes to housing your motherlode. Hefty collectors might want to take a leaf out of this book (so to speak): a sensational full floor to ceiling, room-defining wall of books, replete with impressive rolling library ladder. Very classy.

home libraries

via Alexander James

Make the most of your space

Of course, for those of us who prefer quality over quantity and panache over flashiness, less is probably more. Here, it’s certainly the case: a stately reading room, perfectly, and symmetrically enhanced by the matching nimble bookcase units on either side of a marble fireplace and mantel.

home libraries

via The Modern House

Colour coordinated

It’s a good thing to remember that your books are more than just books: they’re design statements and accessories in the making. Consider colour-coding your titles to create additional sparkle and allure just like this great example shows.

home libraries

via Amie Corley

Don’t forget the furniture

Last, but not least, if we want to create a truly impressive, welcoming and comfortable reading library, we mustn’t forget the furniture. Here, we see that having our books displayed isn’t the be all and end all of a good home library: it’s important that they’re there and that they’re accessible, but it’s even more crucial that we’ve furnished our library spaces as invitingly as possible.

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