DIY pallet furniture: 5 inspirational projects

November 23, 2015
DIY pallet furniture

In this day and age of interior design abundance, we have so many options to choose from when it comes to our selection of furniture, décor and interior aesthetics. Yet with such abundant
choice, we can very easily get lost, searching relentlessly high and low for those perfect pieces of furniture that we convince ourselves are sure to tie everything in the home together to make it all complete.

Granted, those crucial pieces, whether it’s a coffee table, bookshelf or chest of drawers, may indeed be an essential domestic necessity, but locating perfection can be a mission. If you are struggling to find exactly what you are looking for – why not make it yourself instead?

IN recent years, we’ve seen a resurgence in a Do-It-Yourself approach to interior design. By getting your hands dirty and crafting your own fabulous furniture, you get to create your vision from scratch.

By treading the DIY option, you’ll not only lay claim to something sustainable, something uniquely upstyled, and timelessly individual, but you’ll also be creating an item that gives you excellent bragging rights whenever you have guests!

Today, in our first instalment on DIY home projects, we will be looking at how you can repurpose timber pallets, and provide them new life as fabulously unique feature furniture. Read on for some of our favourite examples!

DIY pallet furniture

1. The suspended outdoor pallet bed

The wooden pallet bed from The Merry Thought has so many usages in and around the home, it’s really up to your imagination as to what you can do with them. Do you have a space that desperately needs a comfortable seat or relaxation zone? Here, we see a fantastic repurposed pallet transformed into a fully functional suspended outdoor bed. Brilliant for the summertime, or cosying up in the winter, this is a definitely a deluxe hammock.

DIY pallet furniture

2. The entire pallet balcony setup

What do you think of this next design? Beautifully extravagant, and outrageously unique, why stop with a suspended bed when you can create an entire outdoor balcony setup? This captivating room has been constructed entirely with recycled pallets, and looks wonderfully original. Aimed at the rental market, this is a great way to create an interesting balcony or outdoor space without altering of doctoring the home’s structure. Check out the full DIY project at A Piece of Rainbow.

DIY pallet furniture

3. A stylish and sophisticated dining table

One of out favourite projects due to its sleek lines, and timeless design, this sophisticated dinner table from Instructables is simple, and ultra easy to construct. Have you ever had the desire to change-up your open plan living room, or employ a new interior arrangement? With this easy design you will have absolutely no problem reconfiguring your domestic space. The table comes replete with handy wheels, enabling versatility, and maximum functionality!

DIY pallet furniture

4. Gorgeous hallway or entrance mirror

Does your home require a little individuality? Or is your space lacking character or charm? With this hallway mirror DIY pallet furniture project, you are sure to cover all the bases. Looking more like an expensive rustic home accessory, rather than a homemade or repurposed item, this mirror from Upcycle That is a fabulous and unique accoutrement.

DIY pallet furniture

5. Something for the kids

Last, but certainly not least is a DIY pallet furniture idea for the little people in your life. Offering a fabulous place to snuggle up, read books, or simply have a nap, this multi-purpose item from Kojo Designs is easy to construct, embraces recycled pallets, and looks beautifully charming.

What do you think of this cuddle corner, and the rest of these stylish DIY pallet furniture ideas? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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