DIY Christmas Decorations: 5 great projects

December 4, 2015
DIY Christmas Decorations

Ho ho ho! It’s Christmas time again folks and all the convivial joys of the festive season are set to begin in just a matter of weeks. We love a good festive time here at CoContest, and without a doubt, Christmas has to be our most cherished and revered. With Christmas comes a flurry of activity, tasks and duties, and one of the most time consuming is always the all important home decoration. Decorating your home in Christmas goods can be an expensive and draining activity, so this year, why not consider the alternative: DIY Christmas decorations.

In Part II of our four part series on Do It Yourself home projects, we’re taking a look this week at fabulous DIY Christmas decorations.

Take a wander through, get inspired and start getting your creative juices flowing for a fantastic DIY Christmas decorations at home.

DIY Christmas Decorations

via Wit & Whistle

Personalised monogram ornaments

We all love a good Christmas tree ornament, and some of the most beautiful and well constructed tend to be found in all the richly decorated department stores and malls. However, with a little know how, you can create something even more beautiful: a DIY Christmas decoration with a distinct personal touch. Take this fantastic DIY ornament here: a basic ornament adorned with puffy paint monogram and sprayed over with spray paint to create a unique gift, or addition to the home tree. See it all right here.

DIY Christmas Decorations

via My so called crafty life

Vintage bell jar ornaments 

If you like something a little more elaborate in your creative home projects, take this neat example on board: fabulous vintage inspired bell jars! Craft your own delightful Christmas scenes and contain them inside a few repurposed plastic wine cups. Some scissors and twine, glitter and glue, and you’re well on your way to DIY Christmas glory.

DIY Christmas Decorations

via Curbly

Painted animal ornaments 

Sure to be a hit with the kids, spice your Christmas up with something a little more out of the ordinary: an array of amazing colourful toy animals! To make these DIY Christmas decorations, head on down to your local kids store, pick up a few basic toy animals, a little spray paint and gloss, and you’ve got yourself a neat addition to any tinsel, tree or festive setting. Take a closer look here.

DIY Christmas Decorations

via Learn To Preserve

Dried fruit 

Who knew there were so many ways to reuse dried fruit? Fruit is great to eat, whether dried or not, but it also makes a fantastic visual addition to the home. Come Christmas time, slice up all those refuse pieces of fruit, sugar them in water, then leave to dry and dehydrate, and you’ve got an excellent, striking array of visual ornaments that will work wonders in any part of the home. DIY Christmas decorations have never been easier! Take a look at how it’s done here.

DIY Christmas Decorations

via Hometalk

Hand stamped clay ornaments

Easy to make, perfect for gifts, these delightful hand stamped clay ornaments will make an ideal Christmas addition for any stocking or Christmas tree set up. Simply fashion clay mixture into shapes of your choosing, stamp or etch with personalised monograms, then leave to harden before glossing with gold or silver and adorning your Christmas centerpieces and settings. Simple and sensational!


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