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Before & After: Interview with Owners of a Remodeled Villa

January 4, 2016
Before and After: Remodeling

The subject of the contest they have launched is a 1962 residential property in Belluno, in north east of Italy, that has belonged to Massimo’s family for generations. The property has two floors, plus an attic and a basement. The owners travel often, for both leisure and business. This is probably the reason they specifically asked for a nordic inspiration in the remodeling project of their home, that at the same time would create an enchanting and welcoming ambience.

Before and After: Interview with the Owners of a Remodeled Villa

During the years, the residence has gone through different operations, especially in the plant design. For this project, the client focused the remodelling project in the living area.

Daniela, is surely the creative side of the couple. She’s the one who reads interior design magazines and cuts out and collects the images with the style that she would like to apply to her home. But it’s never easy to the get a clear central idea among many cutouts and inspirations, and to find the right theme that suits best one’s needs. This is the moment when you need to turn to a professional.

Before working with CoContest, Daniela and Massimo had never hired an architect for a remodeling project for their home. The concern about not finding the right architectural professional, who would fully comprehend their ideas, leaded the couple to look for alternative and technologic approaches. A method that could contemporarily put them in contact with several different architects and allow them to choose a solution among various proposals that would best fit their requirements. So after some advice from friends, and some research on the internet, they came upon CoContest.

Before and After: Interview with the Owners of a Remodeled Villa

I’ve had the pleasure to meet Massimo and Daniela in person at their home, where I could closely appreciate the welcoming sorroundings that the remodelling has delivered. I had the opportunity to interview them. Daniela has kindly answered the questions below.

  • In the description of your contest, you have expressed very specific demands. Did you find the contest on CoContest useful for getting inspiration and finding interesting solutions for problems?

“Yes, the discussion was constructive, because different aspects of both practical and aesthetic matters were taken into consideration.”

Before and After: Interview with the Owners of a Remodeled Villa

  • How was the experience of working with an architect from a distance? Both before and after the deadline of the contest?

“Actually we found working from a distance very stimulating. Often in direct conversations, some concepts can be lost among spoken words. While sitting at a keyboard allows you to create a more focused and concentrated dialogue that makes the interaction really productive. In addition, the contest gave us the possibility to contemporary confront several themes with several people, which made the process very creative.”

Before and After: Interview with the Owners of a Remodeled Villa

  • The current condition of your residence after remodeling is different from the contest’s winner project; What happened?

“The submitted project (!en/contests/our-homewith-a-bit-of-world-inside/submissions/02astudio) was fantastic, and we still dream about it! In fact the project thoroughly embraced the results we were looking for. Unfortunately, after some structural verifications, we realised that carrying out the project as it was initially proposed, would have had cost significantly more than our budget. So we opted for some modifications.”

Before and After: Interview with the Owners of a Remodeled Villa

  • What did you decide to do then?

“We really liked the project of the winner studio, that was exactly how we had imagined our home. So after the contest we decided to contact them privately and work on the project together with them.”

Before and After: Interview with the Owners of a Remodeled Villa
Before and After: Interview with the Owners of a Remodeled Villa

  • Did the architects of 02ASTUDIO (who are in Rome) come to visit your residence in Belluno in person? Or did you continue to work from a distance?

“No, they didn’t because it was not necessary. We had already developed a great relationship and we could understand each other easily even through simple emails. For the very last details we also made a few phonecalls. Since we have been particularly satisfied with this project, we would love to actually meet them in person, maybe right here in our home, where they have helped in its creation.”

Before and After: Interview with the Owners of a Remodeled Villa

  • I have noticed that in the description of your contest you have highlighted the importance of the kitchen. You have clearly estated that you love cooking, and although you would enjoy the idea of an open space, you had to keep the kitchen and the living room separated. Now that you live here, do you think it has been the right solution? Why did you initially prefer an open space? Would it have been more sociable?

“Yes, an open space would have been perfect. The room would’ve been very airy and spacious, thanks to a folding door. If necessary, we could keep the door closed, and the two spaces would’ve been separated. But as I said before, economical reasons and structural limits, made us keep these rooms separated. However the architects analyzed very well the current solution too, and it’s functional and sociable all the same.”

  • What is the reaction of your friends and family when they visit your remodeled home? Do they find it cosy and comfortable?

Everyone has loved it! The spaces are much more pleasant now and honestly, even more homey. The space is warm and well-divided and reflects the requirements that we had described in the contest.

Before and After: Interview with the Owners of a Remodeled Villa

  • Was it difficult to remodel a house that has been built a long time ago?

There have been many difficulties, which were partly due to the fact that our residence was built in 1962. The constructions took much more time and energy than what had we expected, but the result was worth the wait and difficulties.

Before and After: Interview with the Owners of a Remodeled Villa

  • In the innitial project, you had also asked for the remodeling of the sleeping area, the garage and the attic. At the moment these areas have not been modified. Do you consider to continue remodeling in the future?

“Partly. We have decided to not remodel the sleeping area, since it’s in good condition. However we plan to continue the project in the garden and the basement in near future.”

  • Would you recommend this experience?

“It has definitely been a positive experience for us, and we would love to recommend it to those who enjoy living their home to the fullest.”

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