DIY wall decor: 5 fabulous picture frames

January 5, 2016
DIY wall decor

Today on CoContest, as part of our exciting Do It Yourself (DIY) series, we’re taking a look at DIY wall decor, featuring five fabulous picture frame design ideas to turn your photos (and interior spaces) into something truly fantastic and unique.

Suffice to say, everyone loves a good picture or photograph, and with the exception of those who prefer complete minimalism for their home interior, most of us love to showcase happy shots of our family and friends in and around the rooms of our homes. Photographs (and pictures in general) make for great decoration reference points, and with a clever and thoughtful choice of picture frame, your pictures can truly sparkle. When to comes to picture frames, some of the best are the ones you make yourself.

DIY wall decor

via The Caldwell Project

Get a little geometry in your life!

Gone are the days of the symmetrical, glossy family shots perched on the mantel above the fireplace. These days, your photos and pics can be so much more than just dust-gatherers – why not transform them into true works of art in their own right? The good crew at the Caldwell Project lead the way here, with a neat take on the old display: a fabulous, DIY wall decor geometrical photo design!

DIY wall decor

via Design Sponge

Easy, simple, and ultra-fabulous!

Looking for a new and exciting way to hang pictures without breaking the bank? Take this great example from the Design Sponge for your next DIY photo project: effortless, easy and very affordable DIY wall decor. More info on how it’s done here.

DIY wall decor

via Oh Happy Day

Classic, contemporary, and stylishly sleek

Sometimes, you don’t actually need the real thing to make it look like you have the real thing – a stealthy, well-crafted DIY substitute can work just as well. Take these fabulous ‘picture frames’ on the wall here: not frames at all, in fact, but an artful fusion of flexi-glass, super glue and cardboard. Find out how to do it for yourself at Oh Happy Day.

DIY wall decor

via It’s Always Autumn

Transform those old books into usable photo frames!

Stuck with a heaps of old books you can’t be bothered taking down to the thrift store? Don’t feel too good about throwing them away? The solution is here folks: simply upcycle and repurpose those old hardbacks into fantastic feature photo frames. Very neat, very cool, and oh so easy – you can do it too, thanks to the fine folk at It’s Always Autumn.

DIY wall decor

via Thrifty and Chic

Think PVC pipe is for plumbing? Think again...

Who knew that PVC piping could be such a great material for art and craft around the home? Great for plumbing and construction, this material doubles as a neat alternative for dressing your mirrors, pictures and wall hangings of all types. Thrifty and Chic show us how it’s done here: a brilliantly designed wall array of PVC splendour.


As you can see, it really doesn’t take much to create a few fabulous in-house picture frames with a little DIY nous. Take these as your starting point, get creative and start devising your very own fabulous DIY methods for making great photos frames for your home!

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