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A Colourful Home: 5 Easy Ideas

January 8, 2016
colourful home art

Colour can add personality, character and uniqueness to a room. From bold orange to tranquil hues of blues and greens, colour can set the mood and tone of the living space. Colour doesn’t just have to be implemented on the walls of a home. There are many ways to make a room stand out more with colour, ranging from paint, artwork, furniture and more. Take a look at these creative ideas to create a fun and colourful home.


colourful home tiles

Bathrooms can often be overlooked when it comes to home design, but be sure not to fall into this trap! Creating a gorgeous wash room can actually be simple. Use colourful tiles to make the room really stand out. Don’t be afraid to work with pattern to create a really interesting palette. These bathroom tiles are unique and certainly add a tone of personality to this room. Create a colourful home and impress guests with a bathroom that wows with bold bathroom tiles.


colourful home kitchen

The kitchen is such an important room of a home, it is typically a gathering place for families and friends as bonds are made while cooking meals together, sharing stories while eating dinner, and catching up on each others days. Why not spice it up with bold, in the face colour? Create a colourful home by adding colour to the walls of a kitchen is a way to create an eye-catching, unforgettable experience. Show off big personality and high design taste with a beautiful colour for the kitchen walls, creating a funk space that is perfect for a colourful home.


colourful home furniture

Statement furniture is a great option in creating a colourful home. An easy way to add a pop of colour to a favorite room is to place a unique and bold furniture in the space. It is low commitment that yields high design return value. Add a chair, table, or even bed that quickly becomes a conversational piece. Easily move around a piece of furniture, or even switch out a bold blue chair to a red sofa whenever the courage strikes! Find a piece of furniture in your favorite hue and go with it! The end result is an unforgettable, soothing look.


colourful home art


Tired of boring white walls and want to create a colourful home without the ordeal of painting? A unique way to add colour into a room is to add eclectic art work. Start with a neutral room and find a large, bold painting, with lots of colours. Art work adds warmth and style to any room, and the right piece of art work will definitely become the focal point of a room and surely will spark great conversation.


colourful home rug

Rugs are a great accessory that make a home feel more welcoming and lived in. They are perfect for bringing that type of energy into a living room or a bedroom. Use a rug as an opportunity to add to a colourful home. Have fun when choosing a rug. A rug can transform the look of a home, so get creative! Try a solid rug with bright and bold colour. Or introduce pattern with a finely textured and intricate rug. There are so many options with a rug, try one and create a stylish, colourful home.

What are your ideas for implementing colour into a home? Let us know in the comments!

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