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Designer Small Spaces: Inspiration

January 8, 2016
designer small spaces bathroom

Living in a large city with millions of people often means living in small, tight spaces. Living in a small space doesn’t mean design has to suffer. Create designer small spaces with careful planning and execution. Add the right size furniture, optimal storage, and multi functional pieces to enhance a room. Don’t forget about decorative items either, just because a space is small you do not have to fall short with personalized accessories that will enhance the space. Here are just a few examples of how you can create designer small spaces.


designer small spaces bathroom

Create an everyday spa at home by adding soothing bathroom tiles. Go for a pastel or neutral colour, to give the bathroom a spa look that will feel like a hotel retreat. Light, airy colours will make a bathroom feel larger than it is. Soothing shades such as whites, greens, blues, and beige will create a relaxing atmosphere while also creating the illusion of space. Carefully choosing bathroom colours will not only make every trip to the bathroom feel like a spa retreat to a far away land, but is also perfect for creating designer small spaces.


designer small spaces living room

When creating designer small spaces in a home, be sure to choose furniture that is to scale for each room. For the living room, be sure not to choose furniture that is too large and overwhelming. Instead, opt for pieces that are slim, with sharp lines and sleek design. Ditch a huge coffee table and chose a smaller option that serves the same purpose. Paint the walls a light colour, such as this beige shade, to make the room feel large. Remember to bring in plenty of light to keep the room feeling airy and open.


designer small spaces bedroom

Designing a bedroom with little space can be tricky, but don’t fret, we are here to help! Try starting with lighter furniture, such as a lighter shade of wood or even white. Lighter shades always make a room feel larger. Optimize storage by getting creative in the ways your favourite items are stored, such as a trunk that doubles with function and style. Make sure the room is inviting and feels like a warm place to rest by adding decorative items such as a painting over the bed. The end result is an awesome bedroom that is surely a designer small space.


designer small spaces kitchen

Let’s not forget about the most important room of any home, the kitchen! We all dream of a large, spacious kitchen, but when that’s not possible, don’t worry! High design value is still within reach with designer small spaces to the rescue! This kitchen shows us a tight space doesn’t have to come short with style. Choose high end appliances that make cooking fun. Add colour that will be eye-catching, such as colourful cabinets. Optimize all storage options, so every tool and accessory has a home. Avoid clutter and create a clean, sleek kitchen.

How do you make the most of a small room? Let us know in the comments!

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