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Incredible Open Kitchen Designs

January 8, 2016
incredible open kitchens colour

A kitchen is arguably the most important room of a home. It is a social place for friends and family, a place that is inviting and full of love and laughter. Because of the social aspect of a kitchen, an open kitchen is much desired. Create a space where no one will ever want to leave and everyone will want to spend their time in with incredible open kitchen designs. These are just a few ideas of inspiration to serve as a starting point for anyone looking to create the optimal open kitchen for their home.


incredible open kitchens modern

Looking for modern style with an incredible, open kitchen? Look no further! Choose high end appliances that are slick and chic in design. Opt for modern, minimalist lighting that illuminates the space without taking up to much space and being overpowering. Designer cabinets and stylish tiles complete the look for this incredible open kitchen with modern style.


incredible open kitchens brick

Brick walls give a very unique, stylish, and industrial look to a room. Try working with brick walls in a kitchen for a truly one of a kind look. The brick wall becomes the focal point of the room, while setting the tone for the style and theme. The gorgeous kitchen island is the perfect place for gatherings, making this an awesome and incredible open kitchen.


incredible open kitchens colour

Adding colour to an open kitchen is a great design idea for those wanting to show much punch and personality. Try using a favourite colour and don’t be afraid to go big and bold! Colour all the walls, or just chose a focal wall to really stand out. Use paint, wall paper, or even play with colourful cabinets as seen here. There are many options, all which result in a memorable kitchen that will amaze all guests. Try even a colourful kitchen island, which creates an incredible open kitchen.


incredible open kitchens patterned

For the really brave and creative soul who leans to the eclectic side, this incredible open kitchen plays with a lot of colour and texture. Bring in texture with the tiles that will surely become eye-catching and unique. Integrate colour with pattern for a super eclectic look. Or, try a neutral colored pattern and bring in colour with accessories. Add decorative accessories that further add to the eclectic style, creating a truly one of a kind space.


incredible open kitchens black and white

Black and white can look very regal and in a kitchen it can create a really interesting look. Try subway tiles in white as a fresh, airy base. Black and white flooring brings in a warm, almost town and country feel that is very welcoming. Continue this theme with the smallest of accessories, from appliances to small decorative items and paintings. This incredible, open kitchen is fun and creative and shows us that black and white colour can be just as eye-catching as the deepest red.

Do you have a favourite open kitchen design? Let us know in the comments!

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