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Unforgettable Exterior Walkways

January 8, 2016

The exterior walkway of a home is the first introduction a guest may see when arriving, and often first impressions are the most important. Whether designing for a small urban space or a grand three story home, there are many ways to make the entry of a home enticing, inviting and stylish. Some ideas include adding gorgeous greenery, unique lighting, and even furniture. This area should be an extension of the home, so take a look at these ideas in creating a fresh exterior walkway.


exterior walkway Asian inspired

For an Asian inspired unforgettable exterior walkway, play with colour, stone, and traditional artwork. Fill it with greenery to make it feel inviting. The different types of plants and grass bring texture to the area, adding to the style of the walkway. An idea is to even add pops of colour with the plants, such as boldly coloured flowers. Bring in stone statues to continue the Asian inspired look. The end result is a colourful, peaceful fresh exterior walkway that feels like the entrance to a retreat!


exterior walkways modern

If the inside of your home screams modern minimalism, create a fresh exterior walkway that is the introduction to that style. Use sleek, slim stones as a pathway. Don’t go overboard with plants, instead choose a more uniform look with shrubs. Keep it simple with very little colour, which actually creates quite the impact. Add a few touches of modern light and perfecto! This walkway is a great compliment to any modern minimalist home.



Want to show off an eclectic style as the premier introduction to your home? Try working in this design in a fresh exterior walkway. Make sure to include plenty of colour to show off a funky side. Introduce colour in flowers, pathways or accessories. Include all sorts of types of greenery. This adds great texture and design to the area. Show a really fun eclectic side by arranging stones into a cool design. Once a visitor sets eyes on this walkway, they will be super excited to check out the interior of the home!




This fresh exterior entranceway design screams luxury with its grand details. For a regal look, bring in grand plants that make a statement. Go big and bold with lighting and illuminate the whole luxurious space. Create a walkway with high end material, where every step is one step closer to what will obviously be a breath taking home. Design a luxury welcome and sweep guests off their feet.

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