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Reclaim Nature: 5 Ways to use Reclaimed Wood

January 16, 2016
reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood has become something that has grown (quite literally) over the years. Using wood that used to be another piece of furniture, or using wood in its most natural format is something that many homeowners and designers are absolutely in love with. The designs below showcase just how wonderful wood can be.

Hanging Out

A hanging chandelier is a beautiful example of how light and wood can play beautifully together. The ceiling is made from reclaimed timbers and has been treated in different colours. We can see from the large bulbs and the different lengths of cable just how effective this look is. It doesn’t cost a huge amount to install and it uses wood and mirrors to add warmth and reflections into the space.

reclaimed wood

Tom Borowski

Time for Coffee

A coffee table is something that every living room should have. They are practical and can be stunning. This one is made of reclaimed oak and it looks like it has just grown and been sliced. This real back to nature look is incredibly appealing, as it means the wood has been through fewer processes. This alone makes it an environmentally friendly table. The designer has cleverly cut spaces that are perfect for candles, books or magazines…or even coffee!

reclaimed wood

Wicker Paradise – flickr


What about a bed made of reclaimed wood? Bring your slumber back to nature with timber. A bed made of wood will stand the test of time and look amazing for years to come. Whether you want rustic or classic, you can have a bed made to your style. Or you can give it a go and make it yourself using whatever reclaimed wood you can get your hands on. You will find that this can be a very cost effective way of acquiring a new and unique bed.

reclaimed wood

Courtesy of flickr

Modern and Urban

Urban styles really suit the reclaimed wood genre. Here we can see that wood has been used on the wall and it is a stark contrast to the exposed bricks. The lights add a wonderful atmosphere and warmth. Wood has a beautiful tone to it which can transform any room. Step away from the idea that wood should always be on the floor and start to think about applying it in other ways. Walls to ceilings can have wood as paneling, which really gives everything a fresh feel. An urban apartment with a wall like this one, coupled with shelves made of scaffolding is the epitome of reclaiming and re-using old items.

reclaimed wood


Tree Table

Really get back to nature with this table. The edges are made of reclaimed timber, whilst the legs use tree branches to really give the final look the ‘wow’ factor. The glass allows us to see the intricate lattice work of the branches and appreciate the simplicity of the overall effect. The wood could be stained any colour, giving this idea some real appeal.

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