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Enliven a Dreary Entrance: 7 Fantastic Hints

January 18, 2016
Enliven a Dreary Entrance

Does your entrance suffer from a dull, uninspiring design? Anyone can enliven a dreary entrance…

In a perfect world, we’d all have a flawless domestic interior, with each and every space well-designed, thoughtfully appointed with all the right furniture, trimmings and accoutrements. It can feel like a slow burn getting to our desired state of home perfection, but as they say, everything is a process. Having said that, there are a few elements of our home interiors that we can get onto fast – ones that, when sparkling and well-appointed, can make all the difference in the interim. The entranceway is one such element that we can tend to straight away: a vital one where we gain our very first inkling about the feel, mood and vibe of our domestic setup.

Today, on CoContest, we’re taking a look at how to make first impressions last with a look at how to enliven and invigorate even the most dreary of  home entrances. Read on, and get inspired! 

Enliven a Dreary Entrance

via a&h Architecture

1.Go all-white!

Classic, elegant and fresh to the eye, there’s no beating a thorough wash of white to enliven even the most dreary of entrances. Here, we see how a burst of all-white, from floorboard to staircase and beyond, can make a place truly sparkle with invitation and intrigue.

Enliven a Dreary Entrance

via Lewis Interiors

2. Be bold with new carpet…

One of the best ways to invigorate and enliven a dreary entrance is through the use of carpet: here, we see how a particularly bold implementation of this material can make for a fabulous design addition. Consider bright, bold tones, and even a variety of interesting patterns, to create a first-impression space that can’t help but set a great tone for the entire home.

Enliven a Dreary Entrance

via Jenny Wolf Interiors

3. Choose timeless rustic décor

Nothing beats a little timeless flourish of rustic-styled décor to set the right tone and enliven a dreary entrance. Dreariness simply can’t compete with such delight: take this fabulous wooden bench and country-style accessories as a firm and accessible starting point.

Enliven a Dreary Entrance

via Caroline Holdaway

4. If your entrance is a living room, make it comfortable!

A gorgeous, cosy cottage conversion, where the living room is the entrance: here, the job is almost too easy, with an entranceway and living room overhaul-in-one. Here, the designers have worked to enliven the entrance through a policy of maximum comfort: a delightful variety of comfortable sitting chairs and ottoman/upholstered table, artfully proximate to the adjacent wood burner and stacked timber.

enliven a dreary entrance

via Colours at B&Q

5. Dare to be different with a wild hue

If all-white isn’t your thing, embrace the opposite: here, a wild blue hue expresses vibrancy, boldness and an ultra-inviting energy. A great way to enliven a dreary entrance!

Enliven a Dreary Entrance

via Paul Massey

6. Keep things simple and clean

Nothing beats simplicity. Keep it fresh, simple and clean and you’ll hardly take a wrong step – whether it pertains to the entrance, or any aspect of the domestic interior. This magnificent Moroccan-inspired setup is a case in point.

via Amie Corley

via Amie Corley

7. Set your spirit free with eclectic furniture and accessories!

So many options, so much stylistic freedom. If you’re at a loss as to how to enliven a dreary entrance, consider going all out with an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories: mix and match and open up the intrigue with a variety of different pieces just like these.

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