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Software revolution: 6 essential apps for designers

January 19, 2016
essential apps

What are the essential apps for designers? With the digital era one step inside the door, apps have come to revolutionize the way we work. Of course, interior design is not an exception.

Interior design is, by its nature, a visual and tangible art form. Hence, its translation to software apps seems to be a pretty obvious step-up. Apps for designers simply tend to make their life easier. Why? Because all the tools of the trade can fit into a single device. There are apps devoted to colors, designing floor-plans, scanning through myriad of decors and the list goes on and on.

The app revolution in interior design doesn’t stop there. Note taking, or even invoicing have been launched into the software sphere. The day-to-day life of an interior designer is steadily becoming untangled. Hence, in today’s installment of this series, we will look at 6 essential apps for interior designers.

Essential colour palette: Color Capture

Color palette by Color Capture

Color palette by Color Capture

The Benjamin Moore Color Capture app is an inspirational tool for any designer. You simply snap a photo of anything and the app will match it with a Benjamin Moore paint color. Imagine, enjoying a hot latte at your favorite cafe, when suddenly your eye catches a bright yellow bag walking in. Inspired by the hue, you take a photo and the app matches it to a paint color. Easy.

It’s a perfect app to supplement your color wheel, or even replace it as the app gives you access to a full-spectrum color wheel! Did we mention that is free and compatible with iOS and Android software? So, by finding paint colors anywhere at any time, Color Capture is one of the essential apps for designers.

Magical apps: MagicPlan

essential apps

The magic from Magic Plan

The essential apps list for designers couldn’t but include a software for floor planning and work estimates. Enter MagicPlan. The app transforms the painstaking process of drawing floor plans and taking measurements into an easy exercise.

Take a snapshot of a space and simply analyse it to estimate measurements in a space. You can annotate a photo by computing the distance between the living room furniture, or the width of the hallway. Magic!

You can have a clear picture as to whether a piece of furniture fits squarely on a specific spot by adding objects. The app is free for downloading on both iOS and Android, but there are certain purchasing options to harness the full capabilities of the app.

Pin your inspirations: Pinterest

essential apps

The Pinterest sensation

It’s one of the most worldwide used apps, but for an interior designer it presents a formidable ally. Especially when you are trying to convince a client that pink quartz is not simply a girlish color. Or, when you want to have a visual cue of a certain paint color that someone else has used in their kitchen.

If you have never heard of Pinterest-we are talking to those living under a rock-it’s a simple app which allows you to discover and explore visual content. As interior design is partly a visual art, Pinterest is surely one of the essential apps.

Essential apps for artisans: Curate

essential apps

App by Curate

Art lovers, rejoice! (interior designers, you too). Curate, is an app that essentially allows you to visualize any art, correctly scaled on the wall. Artworks are often the icing on the cake for interior design and Curate presents an amazing visual aid.

Simply upload a snapshot of a blank wall and see whether a painting will fit there. It also allows you to browse between various artists and galleries. So, if you are looking to make your hanging easier, Curate is one of the essential apps in interior design. It’s free and compatible with iOS and Androids.

Essential apps for organisation: Evernote

essential apps

Organize with Evernote

Let’s move towards organisation. With the designer’s life being surrounded by photos, notes, drawings, snapshots, fabric pairings and many more, it seems prudent to have an app that can organize them neatly. Evernote, allows you to compile your inspiration and research into notebooks.

It is in essence a file cabinet in your phone. It can even decode your handwritten notes and make them searchable! Thus, Evernote is one of the essential apps for a designer’s organisational efficiency. Oh, shall we also mention that its basic features are free? If you want to advance from a basic account there is a range of features that cost from £20 euros to £120 per year.

Essential time management: Harvest

essential apps

by Harvest

In interior design, time tracking is an important element of the job. Hence, Harvest Time Tracking goes into the essential apps bucket for designers. It’s a simple tool: just select your project or task, add your notes and start the clock.

What is more, the app provides alerts that notify you when you reach a percentage of your budget. So, you will always know when your work might skim over budget. Perhaps, the best feature of Harvest is that it translates the tracked time and expenses into an invoice. The time needed for invoicing is limited to a few clicks. The app, compatible with iOS and Android, can be free, depending on the number of user’s, clients and projects.

There you have it. The essential apps for designers. Of course, there are myriad apps dedicated to designers in today’s software based reality, but we kept our focus on apps that are primarily free and user friendly. So, what do you say? Are you ready to make your life easier by jumping on the software apps bandwagon?




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