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Eco Walls: Great ideas for Wall Design

January 23, 2016
eco walls

When it comes to decoration, we all want something a little more environmentally friendly.¬† Eco walls make the perfect follow on from eco floors, so lets look at both internally and externally. Wallpaper may seem like a green choice, but a lot of them aren’t recyclable.

Recyclable Wallpaper

eco walls

Farrow and Ball make environmentally friendly wallpapers and water based paints. Paper like this is a sound and eco friendly buy that will leave your home looking beautiful and your conscience guilt free. Check the paper your buying is sourced from FSC accredited suppliers, has minimal packaging and with minimal energy use. If the provider cares about the environment, then you know you will be buying something that is sustainable.


eco walls

You don’t have to be as extreme as this image when it comes to a grass wall. However living walls are becoming a feature in architecture. You can have a woven paper inside your home too, like the ones from Weitzner Limited, who use a variety of materials. Plants to paper can be used to create a woven wallpaper. These look texturally amazing and are usually handmade, making them unique and bespoke.

Wooden Walls

eco walls

We all know how eco walls can be made of wood. Wood is sustainable and can be put up in panels very easily, it is affordable  and looks good. You can have variety of wooden feature walls that can look classic or contemporary, depending on your design needs. Thicker coverings like wood are the perfect option if your walls are uneven on the surface, and they will look well finished. The greenest option here is to use reclaimed wood.

Wall Hanging

Eco walls

Wall hangings are a brilliant option. They can come in any size or colour, meaning that you can create a wall in your home that is unique to you. It can be a work of art or it can be plain, you can even make one yourself if you are feeling creative! One thing is certain, it will lift the mood of your room and it is environmentally friendly. You can choose your fabric wisely and go for an organic cotton, or anything that is biodegradable and made with water based inks.

Something Different

eco wals

If you are feeling a little bolder, there are some exciting options out there. People are coming up with amazing ways to use recycled glass (jars or bottles) and even recycled polystyrene. This sort of thing is a wonderful way to add colour, light and texture to a room, whilst being very friendly towards the environment.

Whatever you do, the key to eco walls is to know where your product comes from and that it is really biodegradable or recyclable. That way each time you decorate, you know it isn’t going to sit for a long time in a landfill and you can keep your home looking beautiful.

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