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Corridor Greenery: 6 Fabulous Tricks and Tips

January 25, 2016
Corridor Greenery

Whether it’s inside or out, corridor greenery is always something to be excited about. Sure, it might seem like a corridor or hallway has little to offer next to its perfunctory role as a thoroughfare from space to space, however you might be surprised as to just how much you can work with.

Corridors and greenery are a match made in heaven, and today on CoContest, we’re taking a look at six fabulous tricks and tips on how to make the most of yours. Read on, get inspired and transform that corridor from clean to green!

Corridor Greenery

via LandStudio

Create a hallway garden…

Living amidst an ample corridor space, and not sure what to do with it? Take your cue from the crafty crew at Landstudio, who’ve constructed this fabulous interior hallway garden – a few floor plants, some pebbles and a neat selection of hanging pots is all you need to transform a dull corridor space into one with ample personality and allure.

Corridor Greenery

via Bentheim

Cover your walls in a fabulous frondescent print!

Sometimes, we can’t always add the things we want in our domestic space, but we can certainly make do with pretty convincing replicas. If you can’t quite commit to introducing a range of plant life from the outside in, then consider coating your corridor walls in a fabulous frondescent print just like this one. Easy to apply, and an effortless and very attractive corridor greenery solution to the real green treatment.

Corridor Greenery

via CCS Architecture

Add an integrated or built-in planter

While it can be nice to walk into a home and experience a variety of stylistic additions and focal points when it comes to corridor greenery, often it’s the one-off inclusions and solo features that make all the difference. An integrated built-in planter like this one can be the perfect stand alone addition to the corridor space in your home.

Corridor Greenery

via Catherine Gratwicke for Homes & Gardens

Plenty of pots and planters!

And of course, for every approach there’s an equally satisfying and impressive opposite! When it comes to corridor greenery, if minimalism and stand-alone features aren’t necessarily your thing, or the right thing for your space, go for the ‘more is more’ option and introduce a neat variety of fabulous hallway pots and planters just like these ones.

Corridor Greenery

via Day Three Creations

Add some unique art

As well as full-scale wallpaper an wall tattoos, another excellent way to evoke a distinctly ‘floral’ and ‘green’ sensation in your hallway space is through the use of art. Take a leaf out of this book here and introduce a neat piece of unique herbarium artwork to your space (and if you like what you see, be sure to head over to Day Three Creation’s Etsy shop to purchase your own herbarium print)

Corridor Greenery

via Crate & Barrel

Keep it simple and rustic

For every style, a different treatment; for every mood, a certain tone – if you’re working with the sort of space than craves a little light panache rather than a full blown overhaul, then do as Crate & Barrel have done here, and introduce a few well-selected, cute adornments to your otherwise delightfully appointed rustic hallway space. It’s as simple as that.

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