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Unique Storage: Amazing and Bold Ideas

January 27, 2016
unique storage

When designing a room, flooring and walls create a wonderful look. However a house doesn’t feel like a home until we had some unique storage. A small room can be transformed with the right furniture, as much as a large room can be used to it’s full potential with well thought out design.

Use the Space you have

Fireplaces once provided warmth and now with central heating we can sometimes be left with a feature and not be sure of what to do with it. This design showcases one idea that is quite stunningly simple and effective. Painting an existing feature in your home is a low-cost way to brighten a room and with a little ingenuity you can create extra unique storage. Whether that is a magazine rack, or if you have a hollow space, you can add shelves or drawers.  It doesn’t have to be a fireplace, it can be an alcove or unused cupboard. The key is thinking outside the box and making your space work for your lifestyle needs.


unique storage

Heavenly Metal

Industrial Appeal

Industrial chic is a great way to use old items and give them a new lease of life. Heavenly Metal do just this.  They take crates and turn them into really funky looking industrial storage that wouldn’t be out of place in any modern home. If the price tag is too high, you can still take inspiration from them. Using old storage crates, tea chests and so on can be used in so many ways. You can build yourself some new drawers or shelves. It is kind to the environment and very bespoke. In small spaces, where storage is at a premium, unique storage can really help. It is always worth checking out house clearances and local actions because you can usually pick up second hand furniture at a fraction of the cost of new.


unique storage



Design doesn’t always have to be as clean cut as you think. A lot of items are discarded because they are old and considered unusable. We think the opposite is true! Take an old table and turn it into a chair or an old television as book storage. When you stop seeing an item as its former self and start thinking of it as something else, the world of design starts to unfold. Old tins can be wall mounted to give great pen storage in an office for example.


unique storage


Fold ‘Em Out

Suitcases are a brilliant example of how to create something bespoke. Originally used to store clothes in, this image of a suitcase converted into a table with internal storage is just clever. It could be used indoors or outside. Not only that, the addition of castors make it easily moved and stored away until it is needed. A dining table with internal storages is a really great way to not waste space. As is something that folds out, be that a table or a bed. Things that can be folded away in-between uses are a fantastic space saving example of unique storage.


unique storage

Hidden Gems

Old books can sometimes even be too bashed for the charity shop, but it doesn’t mean their day is done. A simple idea like this one is clever. It creates hidden storage in a bookcase and blends in beautifully. You can do this with anything. You could have storage boxes in your kitchen that blend in, but actually store plates or cutlery.

Take your inspiration wherever you can get it, just think twice before binning that old bookcase or wallpaper scraps. People like Zoe Murphy are really taking up-cycling to a new level and offer us lots of ideas to think on. Of course professionals have the knowledge and know-how, but we all have to start somewhere.


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