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Get Comfy: Practical Furniture that Works!

January 30, 2016
practical furniture

Following on from unique storage solutions in this series, it is time to take a look at practical furniture to fill your room with. Once the walls and floors are done, you need to think about the most practical furniture to put in your room. Practical doesn’t always conjure up images of beauty, but we will show you that it can be practical, environmentally friendly and beautiful.


practical furniture

Work from Home

Companies such as Flute Office¬†make 100% sustainable furniture aimed at workplaces and offices. This isn’t to say you can’t take their furniture and use it in a home environment. By buying something from a company that has a commitment to green friendly furniture, you are making the right ethical choice. Whether you work form home or have teens who need a desk, these are affordable, stylish and very unique. In a variety of colours, you can personalise it to suit your style. And just think of all the cool accessories you can put on it?

practical furniture

Sit Comfortably

Practical furniture is something that makes sense. We all need things to be functional, but design can make it feel unique and bespoke. This is where taking something old and making it into something else can really help. The table in this image, for example, used to house electrical cable for industrial use. Sanded with a coat of varnish to match the furniture around it, it has been converted into a lovely coffee table. This approach can be applied to a variety of items. Old storage boxes can be turned into shelving, or pallets converted into benches. It does take time and effort on your part, but the results are well worth the work!


practical furniture

Modular Living

Modern living means modular living. This kitchen is the ultimate in industrial design and practical furniture. Stainless steel is a highly recyclable material, making this a very eco friendly option. In lots of homes across the country, living space is becoming smaller. This is where modular solutions can really help. They can be built to fit in any space and add brilliant and needed storage. Adding wheels makes the under storage cabinets movable and you can hide them away when they are not in use.


practical furniture

Japanese Style

Design and style are something that we all desire. This Japanese style sofa certainly looks the part. All the furniture is eco friendly and made from Japanese Igusa. It adjusts to humidity and absorbs toxic substances! The practical storage in this design comes in the from of the ottoman, which makes the end section of the sofa, and it can also be doubled as a coffee table. Clever design can really elevate a room. Hidden storage is a superb way to make an item practical, whilst it remains looking good. This style is perfect for those wanting a minimalist look.


practical furniture


It doesn’t seem like the most practical furniture in the world, but don’t dismiss it. It is eco friendly, hard wearing and completely recyclable. It can be square, curved and really any shape you like, which makes it very worthy of a mention. With corrugated, compressed and cellular cardboard on the market, it is a very adaptable material. It can be made into beds, sofas and tables. Not only is it affordable, it makes it a brilliant option for those looking for something totally different. Check out sites like¬†Gautier for other inspirational eco furniture ideas.

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