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Reduce Corridor Clutter: 5 Handy Tips

February 1, 2016
Reduce Corridor Clutter

Reduce Corridor Clutter ! Today on CoContest, we’re taking a breezy wander through five of the more impressive corridor treatments, with handy tips to keep your corridors equally well-appointed and in check…

Whether we’re talking about a gallery, passageway, entrance or hall, the humble home interior corridor is a space that demands our attention. While you might not realise, corridors are actually crucial spaces in our homes. As the linkages to our rooms, a well-designed corridor can expand the feel of harmony and flow in our homes – just as a poorly designed, or indeed cluttered one, can turn an otherwise breezy interior into a clogged up mess.

Reduce Corridor Clutter

via JJ Locations

Keep just the right amount of decoration and furniture…

While the amount of space you have to work with is certainly a prime consideration in the bid to reduce corridor clutter, it’s crucial with any corridor space that you keep a steady and thoughtful balance between decoration and furniture. Too much of either can throw the balance out, so for every couchette and table, ensure you’ve detailed with adequate trimmings, like mirrors, vases and wall-mounted curios.

Reduce Corridor Clutter

via Hammersmith Atlanta

Hooks and under seat storage create a clutter-free home!

Corridors are magnets for clutter at the best of times, and it can be tricky to keep everything in check. The team here at Hammersmith Atlanta show how it’s done with a neat combination of wall mounted hooks and under seat storage. Welcome to ‘reduce corridor clutter’ made easy!

include ‘by Hammersmith Atlanta

Reduce Corridor Clutter

via Chasewood Furniture

How about a hidden coat rack?

If only all those coats and hats and miscellaneous other clothing bits and pieces would find a way to disappear at the end of the day! Thankfully, they can with a hidden coat rack like this one from Chasewood Furniture, a neat, out of the way system that can hide all those undesirables, reduce corridor clutter and keeps your spaces feeling fresh. Stealthy and effective!

Reduce Corridor Clutter

via Blue Nautilus Interior Design

Stylish and sophisticated built-in shelves

Of course, it’s not always about keeping things stealth: as long as your bits and pieces are looked after and kept in an orderly fashion, there’s no reason your corridor won’t keep looking fabulous. With some stylish and sophisticated built-in shelves like these from Blue Nautilus Interior Design, there’ll be no excuse but to reduce corridor clutter.

Reduce Corridor Clutter

via OFIS Architects

Go minimal!

Balance is good, but when it comes to decoration and furniture, a little minimalism can be even better in your bid to reduce corridor clutter. As the good crew at OFIS show, a wise and well-selected solo addition like a sturdy, unassuming cactus make all the difference to a corridor entranceway.

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