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Inspirational Office: A Look Inside Pinterest

February 6, 2016
inspirational offices

In this series we are going to take a close look at inspirational office spaces from around the globe. Large companies are looking at external architecture a little less and focusing on internal architecture. Making the working environment for their employees  a fun place to be. This doesn’t mean they ignore the outside! As we can see, the offices of Pinterest are simplistic and stunning from the outside.

An Inspirational Office Welcome

The first space visitors see when they go into a building is the reception area. A good inspirational office will really make an effort to be bright ad breezy. Looking at the reception at Pinterest, we immediately get a sense of youth and fun. The stark white is contrasted by bright flowers and scattered accessories. These give it the feeling of warmth and friendliness. With companies like Office Lovin offering great ideas, maybe its time your office got a revamp.
inspirational office

Industrial Industries

We can see clearly that Pinterest want to have comfort, whilst maintaining an industrial feel to their offices. By leaving the ceilings exposed they add height to the building, giving a great sense of space. Mixed with old school accessories, like typewriters, they are throwing modern in with traditional, in a look that really works.inspirational office

Contemporary Kitchen

The kitchen space is very modern. The sleek and sharp lines draw your eye around the space. The minimalist colour scheme makes it feel clean, which is what we want in a modern kitchen. The exposed ceiling beams offer a great visual juxtaposition to the direction of the wood on the tables. Every detail of this kitchen has been thought about.inspirational office

Let the Light Flow

Light can really make a huge difference to our mood. Pinterest have really thought this one out. By adding a central skylight, they have added sun into the day. It brightens the whole feel of the space and allows people inside to look outside. The whole building uses glass to its advantage. By allowing employees to look outside, they will feel less stressed. And we all know that a happy workforce makes for better work!

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