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How small can you get? 7 tiniest houses

February 9, 2016
tiniest houses

We often consider small houses cozy and warm and following the damaged economies, they also require a small investment which seems quite fitting. It is a wonder though, how small can a house get and still be functional? So we searched the globe and found some of the tiniest houses.

Of course, there would be times were it will feel the walls are closing in on you in small spaces. However, that doesn’t hinder architects from around the world to construct homes that are significantly condensed. Given the exponential rise of the world population and our turn towards energy efficiency, a time might come that we will need to abandon unnecessary spacious homes. Hence, today’s installation of this series with the tiniest houses around the world, might give us a pick to the future of home architecture.

Tiniest houses for couples

tiniest homes

The viscera of the tiny house-via business insider

Just outside Seattle, Chris and Malissa Tack have created a home that barely touches 140 square foot. Leading a life with high expenses in an industrial city wasn’t ideal for the couple, so they sought to rectify the situation.

They designed and built one of the tiniest houses you can find. However, despite its simpler and small contour, the house is quite functional. It sports a kitchen, a living and dining room, a storage area, a bathroom and a sleeping loft. Also, the house is not devoid of technological devices. It suffices to say that their living costs have been substantially cut.

The Rolling House

tiniest homes

The various functions of the the rolling house-via gizmag

What happens when you give university student’s a project to create home prototype? Well, you end-up with the Roll-It home. In the University of Karslruhe, this chic modular homes where designed to embrace multi-functionality in a tiny living space.

The structure of the house can instantly change by walking towards the center, rotating it to reveal a new function. While you might feel as a hamster running on a while, the modular home can function as a bed, a lounge chair, a table, a shower, toilet or a kitchen sink. Well, at least you won’t have an excuse for skipping a daily workout.

The Diogenes

tiniest houses

living like philosophers- via

The story of the Greek philosopher, Diogenes, who lived in a barrel denouncing luxury as superfluous, inspired architect Renzo Piano to create one of the tiniest houses around. Taking its name from Diogenes, the house barely extents to 81 square foot.

Located in Weil am Rhein, Germany, this tiny house prototype is build out of wooden and aluminium panels. In addition, to minimize its footprint on the environment, it supplies its own power thought photovoltaic cells, while it makes reuse of the water. The house features a biological toilet as well, using natural ventilation. The “Diogenes” sheds opulence and embraces the sustainability attitudes of the 21st century.

The Eco-Cube

tiniest homes

the eco living room featuring a TV area and a folding bed- via

Homes are a recurrent expense. Whether through maintenance or monthly bills, owing a property or even renting equates to a constant output of money. Well, let’s introduce you then to a house that will actually earn you money.

In Edinburgh, Dr Mike Page of the University of Hertfordshire, has design one of the tiniest houses around the globe. With only 100-square-feet, the so called “Eco-Cube”, is powered by solar panels. The energy usage of the house is so limited that can earn you up to 1.600 pounds per year though the UK’s feed in tariff. This environmentally-friendly house is comfortable enough to have a small living and dining room area, a kitchen, a dishwasher, a closet, a shower, toilet and a full-sized bed. Anything you’ll need for a modern house with a minimum impact to the environment.

The tiniest cabin in the woods

tiniest houses

The bird’s nest living room-via gizmag

Usually, when you mention cabin in the woods ominous scenarios spring to mind. However, for designer Robin Flack, it was an inspiration to create one of the tiniest houses out there. The little cabin, extents up to 96 square feet and features a lofted bedroom, a comfortable living room, adequate storage space and an amazing deck. The cabin was given the name “Nido” which mean a bird’s nest in Italian. An appropriate name for this relaxing cabin that has an approximate cost of 10.500 dollars.

The tiniest houses: RV edition

tiniest houses

The Elm’s tiny kitchen- via

Finally, our list of tiniest houses couldn’t but include a moving structure. Tubmleweed Houses, creates impressive tiny house RV’s in different models and sizes. The image featured above, shows the smaller model of the company.

The so-called Elm, with a size that can reach to 117 square feet, offers a traditional option that includes all the comforts of a modern house. There is a living room area, a lofted bedroom and a tiny kitchen. What’s more the company offers option to design your own tiny RV.  Wouldn’t be awesome to hinge your home on your car and travel to unknown destinations?

There you have it. Some of the tiniest homes around the world. While it might strike you as a surprise to leave in such a limited space, all these tiny houses were carefully designed to accommodate the needs of modern life, taking into account their environmental and financial impact.

If you liked our list with the tiniest houses then check our previous installment of this series with the tallest buildings. 

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