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Beautiful Interior: Say Cheese with Instagram

February 10, 2016
beautiful interior

In our series of looking at the beautiful interior design of world famous offices, we decided to look at Instagram. Like our look at Pinterest, we will look at how design can really lift a work environment. Taking the immediate example of the focus on cameras. Looking at cameras through the ages is the signature if Instagram. The app allows you to take photos and record moments in life through photography. So by simply having a display like this in the office, the technology is reminded of it’s humble beginnings.
beautiful interior

Mirror Magic

The Instagram offices really do look modern and contemporary. The beautiful interior of this room is understated, but mixing industrial materials that can be considered cold with the warmth of wood is just clever. The metallic sheen of the unit helps give a sense of light and space too. The unit is on wheels meaning that it is moveable. The gramophone sculptures tie in with the windows giving a lovely orange contrast to the slate grey floor. Urban office offer great ideas for furniture to create new looks like this.

beautiful interior

Clean and Simple

Kitchens in offices need to be clean and functional. Stainless steel is a durable and practical choice that looks stunning. Again we can see the contrast between the wood and the metal. There is nothing grande or particularly grabbing about this space, apart from the attention to detail. Once more we see the use of wheels on the modular unit, allowing it to be a flexible and moveable piece of furniture. The space is contemporary, and the straight lines draw our eyes around the room well.

beautiful interior

Beautiful Interior

Can you imagine having a meeting in this room? Big comfy sofas offer a really homely feel to this space. It still manages to retain a business like feel, whilst making you feel at ease. The mix of fabric, leather, wall art and lighting all add to the final look.

beautiful interior


A board room should never be boring should they? Instagram seem to make use of every space available to them. Once more the use of a shiny mirrored surface offers a sense of space and light bounces around the room.

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All images courtesy of Customespaces.

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