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Spotify Office: How to Make Useful Space Count

February 13, 2016
useful space

In this series we are spending some time looking at office space, and more importantly, useful space. From beautiful interiors in our last blog, we are now wanting to look at the use of space in offices. We have chosen Spotify because it is modern and quite simply, it is just amazing to look inside.
useful space

Go Green

We all know the Spotify logo uses green in it’s design, so of course it’s offices will too. The genius of this is that the colour is created by using lighting. The white on the ceiling and walls helps to bounce the light around in the directions the designer wanted. The floor is industrial looking and draws your eye to the reception desk, which has a similar colour scheme. The use of the space here is wide and open, which creates a welcoming greeting space for clients.

useful space

Useful Space

This office is all about the music. And it needs to have cool accessories. The staff are, no doubt, music lovers or actual musicians, so we doubt these are there just to look pretty. The space here has been used to create a musical ambience in the office, which just makes it look like a fun place to work.

useful space

Keep it Colourful

There is nothing dull when you look at this office. It could be considered to be a clash of colours, but we think it really works. In such a large space, you get away with the mixed colours and patterns. Using furniture to separate spaces without walls gives definitive areas. But they are still linked through colour and design. Keeping the floor and ceiling in neutral tones ensures that the furniture is the star too.

useful space


In Line

Of course, Spotify is an office and needs an air of professionalism to it. The shared spaces are fun and bright. The work space is something a little more office like, but still open and shared. Workers can feel a sense of space and are not boxed in, The desks and lockers are all uniform, which is a contrast to the patterned and bright furniture above. We can see that the workers utilise the space they have well with accessories, like these from Made In Design.

Space is something that is limited in a building. Clever design can maximise it, create it and give a real sense of something special.

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