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Using Colour: Interior Design Basics

February 15, 2016
using colour

What do you know about using colour? When it comes to interior design, we can’t forget the fundamentals. The elements and principles of design are the crucial building blocks for the way in which we create solid, aesthetically pleasing and fresh, functional design solutions. Last week we looked at the importance of balance, and how to get it right. Today on CoContest, as part 2 of our series of 4 blogs on interior design basics, we’re taking a look at the importance of using colour.

using colour

via Mel Yates

Using colour to create contrast

Of all the design fundamentals and interior design basics, colour is often thought of as the most fun and exciting to work with. While some of the other aspects can seem a little abstract if you’ve never worked with them before, colour is often a far more accessible attribute. However, while it might be easy to play with colour in a domestic setting, it comes with a caveat: don’t overdo it, and make sure you do it artfully. There are many ways to work with colour, and one way to keep it well balanced is through the use of contrast, a good example of which can be seen in the brilliant image above.

using colour

via Jenny Wolf Interiors

Creating a cohesive colour theme

As well as contrast, colour can be harnessed in order to produce a cohesive theme throughout a dwelling – take a peek at the above image: colour has been utilised wonderfully to create a comfortable, visually stimulating, and united theme in this domestic living space.

using colour

via a&h Architecture

How do I use colour?

We’re rather spoiled for choice when it comes to design these days, especially when it comes to the sheer array of different colour choices available to us. As well as the hues and tones, there are so many ways and methods to work with different colours too. For one example, colour can be used well to create interest within a monochromatic space. In this image, the bright canary yellow Tolix bar stools impart interest and style within the kitchen, seamlessly contrasting the white/grey colour palette.

using colour

via Richard Powers

How to avoid mistakes

One way to learn how to work with colour is by learning how not to work with it. Ultimately, it’s easy to make mistakes with colour, but one easy way to avoid them is to utilise vegetation as your main source of colour. The gorgeous example above is a perfect example of greenery employed to brighten and enliven a space, without needing additional hues that may clash against the lush plant life.

using colour

via Amie Corley

When colour works…

Using colour can influence a space and transform it from dull to fabulous. The above example is a wonderful demonstration of colour at work within an all-white space. It is subtle yet impressive, and looks effortlessly chic within this home.

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