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Quirky Office: A Truly Modern Space

February 24, 2016

In this article we are looking at the Quirky office, which differs from Twitter. It is actually something beautiful when it comes to creating a space. Quirky make and design innovative products, which means their space needs to be functional as well as looking good.
quirky office

Open Space

The use of glass throughout the whole space make the Quirky office something inspirational. It gives the sense of one large and open space, whilst there is actually glass partitions separating each area. The space is wonderful and light as a result. The gorgeous wooden floors draw our eye from one end of the room to the other, and flow in the same direction as the beams and the lights. Small details like this are far from accidental.

quirky yoffice

Quirky Office

In line with being truly modern, the designers decided to incorporate a bike stand into the office. Why not? People cycle to work a lot, especial in cities. Bike thieves are in abundance, so there is no securer storage than inside your office. This is innovative and a very clever little feature. The office is in an old building and the features throughout certainly try and retain some of this feeling. The antique looking floorboards are a lovely feature that are in keeping with the building.

quirky office

People Make the Difference

This is the same image as above. We wanted to show the space with people in it to give a feel of a working environment. The building is contemporary whilst remaining traditional. The wooden floor is a beautiful hue and contrasts the lighting which is very white. This dark and light theme continues in the choice of office furniture too, where black and white are mixed. People ultimately make a space feel warm and used for it’s purpose. The standing workstations are a modern concept too, as we are supposed to stand now rather than sit. Once more, we see the attention to detail.

quirky office

The Antique Look

An eclectic display cabinet, that does little apart from be there to look at. It is made up of lots of older items from various places, and is essentially a work of art. It is in keeping with the whole look of this building though and only adds to the design. The chair is of a certain era too, as is the table lamp. They both have a 1920s feel about them and this ties in beautifully with the black and white theme we have already explored. A slight art deco feel is given off here.

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